Exploration Day One

Exploration Day One:
Please fill in the blanks using the Powerpoint. Answer the questions below.
 Henry the Navigator:
 Vasco Da Gama:
 Christopher Columbus:
 Ferdinand Magellan:
 Circumnavigate:
 Francis Drake:
 Spanish Armada:
The Big Idea
 European explorers made discoveries that brought _____________________,
__________________, and ________________________ to their countries.
Main Ideas
 Europeans had the _________________ and ______________________ to explore.
 Portuguese and Spanish _________________________led to discoveries of new
____________________, ______________________, and
 English and French explorers found ________________ in
 A new European _______________________ developed because of the discoveries.
Desire and Opportunity to Explore:
 European explorers made discoveries that brought knowledge, wealth, and influence to
their countries.
o An interest in discovery and exploration grew in ________________in the
o Improvements in n_______________ tools, ____________________, and
___________________________ allowed European sailors to go farther than
ever before.
 Reasons to Explore
o People in Europe wanted ________________ from _________________. Italy
and ___________ controlled the _____________________ and charged high
o Europeans wanted to find their ___________________ routes so they wouldn’t
have to _________________ the fees.
o ______________________wanted to spread their_________________ about
_____________________to other parts of the _______________________.
o Advances in ______________________ made exploration possible.
 Advances in Technology
o Sailors now had ____________________ such as the ______________ and the
_____________________ to find new ___________________.
o More accurate ____________________allowed ________________ to travel
from one ___________________ to the next by using the
___________________________ and by not having to follow the
o Shipbuilders, especially the ______________________, made new
__________________ with better ___________________ and better
Portuguese and Spanish Exploration:
 Portuguese and Spanish explorations led to discoveries of new trade routes, lands, and
o Prince ___________________________ was responsible for most of
_________________success on the seas. He built an _____________________
and a ___________________________ school and paid people to
________________ on explorations.
 Africa
o In 1498 ______________________ sailed around__________________ and
landed on the west coast of ______________________.
o This established the sea route to _____________________.
 A “New World”
o Spanish explorers called the ________________ the “____________________.”
o One ______________ sailor, _____________________, believed that he could
reach ____________________ by sailing _______________ across the
o The king and queen of _____________ gave __________________ the money to
make his journey.
o In _________________________ Columbus landed on a
_______________________ in the_____________________. He believed that he
had reached ______________________.
o __________________________ was the first explorer to sail around the tip of
______________________ and _____________________, or go all the way
around, the globe.
****The first people to “discover the Americas were the Vikings”****
 Conquest of America
o When ________________ explorers arrived in ______________________, the
____________________ and ____________________ empires were at the
_____________________ of their powers.
o Spanish explorers in the New World found ___________ and
_________________as they conquered the ___________________- there.
o They also passed along _________________ to the _____________peoples that
killed possibly more than __________________________ of them.
Europeans in America
 Exploring New Lands
o Since the ____________________ and ____________________ already held the
_________________routes through the Americas, the _____________________
and ________________ explored northern routes.
o The ________________ sailor ___________________- sailed along North
America’s coast in search of the __________________ passage.
o Although a northern route to ___________ was not _________________-, these
explorers claimed __________________ lands for their counties.
o The French established ____________________________-in present-day
___________________ in the early ____________________.
o In 1607, ___________________ established _____________________.
o The _________________ established the settler colony of
 Competing for Land and Wealth
o The Spanish _________________ the __________________ and
_____________________ from the former _______________ and
________________ empires.
o An English sailor named ___________________ began stealing
________________ and _____________________- from the Spanish ships
 Defeat of the Spanish Armada
o The Spanish were ________________ with the English for these
______________ and sent __________________, known as
the_______________________________, to
______________________________ England.
o The ___________ ships were ___________ and had better __________. They
were able to defeat the __________.
A New European World View
 A new European worldview developed because of the discoveries.
o The explorations brought new __________________ and _______________ and
_______________ that some old __________________ were _______________.
o _________________ made ________________ maps that reflected new
o New trade routes gave more _____________ for _________________ and
o Europeans spread their _______________ around the world by establishing
___________________ and setting up new trade ____________________.
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