Questioning to Promote Higher Order Thinking-S.Queenie

Questioning to Promote Higher Order Thinking
How does questioning promote higher order thinking?
Higher order thinking skills are more than just memorizing facts. It is the ability to take what they know and
apply their knowledge (both past and current) in a convention of ways. As it was brought out in the article (Tankersley,
2005), higher order thinking skills are not evidently taught as well as the other reading skills. Teachers tend to focus
more on a student developing these skills as more and more students are missing key components in their overall
reading comprehension skills.
Most jobs today require employees to go above understanding and having knowledge. Workers must be able
to use higher order thinking skills to perform various duties revolving around analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and
interpreting. By teachers activating a student’s higher order thinking skills they are able to teach to child to be
creative and better problem solvers, which can translate throughout all content areas.
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