ELLIS (1988) Annual Scan Phase-Contrast Scanned Aperture Microscope (ASPSAM)

Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton 10 (1-2): 342 (1988) - abbrev. as "Cell Motil. Cytoskel."
Optical Approaches to the Dynamics of Cellular Motility:
A Marine Biological Laboratory Centerary Symposium in Honor of Robert D. Allen
Woods Hole, MA, USA, 5-8 October 1987
See also: http://www.biolbull.org/cgi/reprint/172/3/265.pdf (talks only listed here)
Another (similar) paper (with an illustration):
Ellis G.W. (1988)
Scanned aperture light microscopy.
In: Proceedings of the Forty-sixth Annual Meeting of EMSA.
San Francisco Press, San Francisco, pp 48-49
(Proceedings of the Electron Microscopical Society of America)
page 342
© 1988 Alan R. Liss, Inc. (now "Wiley-Liss, Inc.")
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