3 jan

He arrived at 3pm. After a year in VietNam, he got back to France. When the first
sunlight in this early summer touched his face, he missed her so much. He got back
to his country, back to family, back to things which are so familiar to him. Why his
heart hurts so much? He always wants to go back to France, but why.
There is no her here. 10,000 kilometers is the distance between him and her now.
She didn’t go with him to the airport. Just a long kiss, then she ran away. He still
can feel her tears in his cheeks. He still can feel her in his arms. He still remember
the heat from her body. The memories keep coming back to him. They drive him to
crazy. He’s craving for hugging her.
But now all he can do is sitting here, in Paris, play the song she likes. They played
together in the first meet. Music was the miracle connection between them. This
beautiful language did the work for all words to say. She’s an amazing girl with a
beautiful smile. She has a volunteer music band which plays and teaches poor kids
how to play music.
He feels lost. He left a girl who he loves more than anything. But he has no choice.
He has to come back. He choosed the big opportunity in his carrier. He has nothing
in his hands but love for her. It was like a dream. The best dream he has ever had.
He didn’t want her to wait for him. He didn’t say anything. He know it would be
his selfish. He doesn’t know long it would take him to success his dream. But he
will be patient, he knows they will meet again. If there is a destiny between them,
they will have a beautiful future together.
My Dad is one of the most important person in my life. Everything he has done
since I was a child, which helps me grown up and be a strong girl like I am now.
When my Mom was pregnant me, everyone thought I was a boy. They did prepare
everything for a baby boy. I was born as with a baby girl. My family was
supprised, yes, they was smiling for sure. After I could understand and remember
the first thing, my Dad has been teaching me like a boy. He is always a great
teacher. He had taught me how to cook, how to do homework, how to do
housework, how to fix things in the house, how to play sprorts, ect. He always be
there, same place, home, wait to hear my story, ready to support me. I left home
when I was 15. That is quite early for an Asian girl I think. But, everytime when I
call him or come back to home, I know my Dad will smile and give me the power.
The power which can change my little world. My Dad is the person who has had a
oisutive influence on me. Thank you Dad!
I was born in a small village next to the border. There are full of sounds around my
house. You can hear the birds chirping, the sound of insects, the sound when the
wind goes around the trees. One day, there was a music band, they came to visit
my village. They brought a beautiful sound which I never heard in my life. I was a
9 years old litte girl. They played, they sang whole nights. They gave me this
guitar and said they would come back and listen to my playing. I was so happy and
still feel there was a miracle brings them to me. Music is a beautiful language
which everyone can feel and be close together. I have been playing music for 15
years now. I become a guitarist. I move to the big city with the old guitar. Now I
want to do the same things that this band did to me. I wanna play music for kids,
want to teach them.
The invention of electric cars will replacing traditional fuel vehicles.
Owning pets raises the happiness indexs.
Regular outdoor exercise helps increase the body's resistance to common diseaseses.
Playing online games can help increase children's reflexes aged 10 -15 years old.
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