Chapter 8-1 8-3 Photosynthesis Homeworks and warm ups


Name: _____________________________________________ Period: ____________ Biology 8-1 Homework 1.

What is the ultimate source of energy for plants? 2.

What is ATP and what is its role in the cell? Name: _____________________________________________ Period: ____________ Biology 8-1 Warm up 1.

Describe one cellular activity that uses the energy released by ATP 2.

How do autotrophs obtain energy? How do heterotrophs obtain energy? 3.

With respect to energy, how are ATP and glucose similar? How are they different?

Name: _____________________________________________ Period: ____________ Biology 8-2 Homework 1.

Describe the process of photosynthesis including the reactants and products. 2.

Why are light and chlorophyll needed for photosynthesis? Name: _____________________________________________ Period: ____________ Biology 8-2 Warm up 1.

Describe the relationship between chlorophyll and the color of plants. 2.

How well would a plant grow under pure yellow light? Explain your answer. (hint look at page 207)

Name: _____________________________________________ Period: ____________ Biology 8-3 Homework 1.

Summarize the light-dependent reaction. 2.

What reactions make up the Calvin cycle? Name: _____________________________________________ Period: ____________ Biology 8-3 Warm up 1.

How is light energy converted into chemical energy during photosynthesis? 2.

What is the function of NADPH? 3.

Why are the light-dependent reactions important to the Calvin cycle?