A forest is community of
trees, shrubs, herbs, and
associated plants that
cover a considerable area
that use oxygen, water
and soil.
Ten counties with largest forest areas (million hectors)
The United Nations declared
March 21 the International Day
of Forests in late 2012, part of a
global effort to publicize both the
value and plight of woodlands
around the world. It was first
celebrated March 21, 2013.
Importance of Forests
Forests play very important role in the economic
development of our country. The area under
forests in Pakistan is very small. According to
experts the area under forests should be at least
25 to 30% of the total area of the country. In
Pakistan the forest area is only 4.5%. Forest is also
called green gold of the country. Its importance
can be judged by the following facts :
They help us breathe
 Forests pump out the oxygen we need to
live and absorb the carbon dioxide we
exhale. Just one adult leafy tree can
produce as much oxygen in a season as
10 people inhale in a year. Plankton are
more prolific, providing half of Earth's
oxygen, but forests are still a key source
of breathable air.
Source of Fuel
Forests are sources of fuel
for domestic and
commercial consumption.
It is cheap source as
compared to oil and
Source of Foreign Exchange
Forests produce various
goods like honey, timber and
oil which can be exported to
other countries. So it is also a
source of foreign exchange.
Source of Employment
Forests provide employment
to a large number of people.
There is forest department
which look after forest's
Climatic Importance
Forests make the climate
more pleasant. pollution
problems can be solved
by increasing the area of
Attraction for Tourists
Forests attract the tourists
from abroad and earn foreign
exchange for the country. Hilly
area attracts the tourists
because these are full of
plants and greenery.
Checks on Floods Erosion
Forests are very useful in
checking floods and erosion
of soil. On the banks of rivers
and canals should be planted.
Source of Government Income
The government of Pakistan
also earns a lot of income from
the forests. The sale of timber
products of forests add to the
revenue of the government.
Source of Recreations
Hard working people need
recreation in the form of
hunting and sight seeing.
Forests provide them
recreation for holiday.
Shelter for Birds
Forests provide shelter to the animal
and birds, these also provide
breeding centers for the birds and
animals. The wildlife like deer, tiger
and peacock have also commercial
Source of Raw Material
Forests provide the raw material to
the various industries like sports
goods industry, paper industry and
furniture industry. It has vital
importance for industrial
Food for Cattle
Forests also provide the
grass for the cattle's. The
government also gives on
lease the grassy plots to
the people.
Importance for Defense
Forests are also very useful for
the defense purpose. In case of
war these protect our army from
enemy. They constitute natural
boundary of the country.
The government of Pakistan is trying to increase the area of forest due
to its importance in the economic development. The government has
taken control on the other hand fast growing seeds . The forests are
also being grown on the government vacant lands. The plantation
development programs on the road sides, railway sides and canal sides
have been transferred to the forests department. Now the production
of wood and other forests is increasing day by day. Promotion of free
plantation in private sector is encouraged in certain areas. In short
following measures can be adopted for increasing the forest area.
1. There should be extensive use of fast growing plants.
2. The farmers should encourage for tree plantation in the farms, and around villages.
3. Forests laws should be more strict and any one who violates must be punished.
4. Forest staff should be trained and educated. The research work should be expanded.
5. Government of Pakistan has also allocated 50000 acres of land for forests in the area
of "Thal" keeping in views its importance.
6. In Abbotabad, Peshawar and in the province of Sindh forests are grown for
protection of soil.
7. In Hyderabad division one lac acre land was reserved for forests.
In Pakistan plantation is launched twice a year. In the 8th five year plan government
had paid proper attention to the forests. The government of Pakistan has also morally
persuaded the people to increase the tree plantation in the country.
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