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The holidays are an exciting time of the year because a lot of
celebrations and festivities occur. It is a time focused on love,
cheer, and spreading joy throughout the season. Creating fun and
special memories during the holidays is a great way to bond and
spend time with your children. Steer them away from spending
too much time on gaming devices and start making some valuable
memories together. Here are some ideas for holiday activities for
kids that keep them busy, can be educational, and also don’t break
the bank.
Bake Holiday Treats
Baking is a fun learning experience for children. Through baking,
they learn a multitude of subjects: mathematics, nutrition,
science, and even enhance their motor skills. The best part is that
they also get to eat their own creations afterward. It’s the perfect
indoor activity for when it’s raining or too cold to play outside. As
a family, you and your child could bake and decorate holiday
treats. You can even bake treats as gifts for loved ones and teach
your child the importance of spreading love and sharing with
Donate Gently Used Toys
Focus on the joy of giving and inspire generosity in your child.
Sometimes children get caught up in receiving presents that
they forget that it is also the season of giving. Have your
children go through their toys to see which ones they no
longer play with. Teach your children to empathize with those
who are less fortunate. This will make them want to give away
their old toys. It will help them understand how to be grateful.
It is important to teach children moral values such as
kindness and sharing. At Kids Campus Las Vegas, we believe
that a positive learning environment helps foster growth,
creativity, and kindness.
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Learn About Other Cultures
Not everyone celebrates the same holidays. A great activity
this winter would be to learn about the different holidays
celebrated around the world. Christmas is not the only
celebration occurring at the end of the year. There is St. Lucia
Day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more. It would also be fun to
teach your child about how other countries celebrate
Christmas. For example, children in The Netherlands look
forward to the 5th of December, because that is when St.
Nicholas brings them presents
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