Pages 176-178
1. How is the word momentum used in sports?
2. How about politics?
3. Why does it take more force to stop a large truck than a compact car?
4. Why would it take more force to stop a fast moving car than a slow moving one?
5. What is momentum, give the equation?
6. The units for momentum are:
7. What happens according to Newton’s first law?
8. Describe what happens to momentum when no net force is acting on an object?
9. What does Newton’s second law do?
10. Rewrite Newton’s second law using the definition for acceleration.
11. What do we get when both sides of the equation is multiplied by t?
12. Impulse is:
13. What is the impulse-momentum theorem?
14. What is the equation for impulse?
15. Impulse is the product of:
16. When can large impulses result from?
17. What is the purpose of the air bag in the car?
18. A .35Kg softball is pitched horizontally at 40m/s. It is hit by a bat and it moves horizontally at
–40m/s (p178)
A. what is the impulse delivered to the ball by the bat?
B. if the ball and bat were in contact for .7milliseconds, what was the average force on the
C. Find the average acceleration of the ball during the contact with the bat