Change the following into indirect speech 2

Change the following into indirect speech.
1. ‘What do you want?’ he said to her.
2. ‘How is your father?’ he asked me.
3. ‘Are you coming home with me?’ he asked me.
4. He asked us, ‘Why are you all sitting there doing nothing?’
5. ‘Do you really come from China?’ the prince asked the young girl.
6. ‘Don’t you know the way home?’ I asked him.
7. ‘What is the proper way to answer this question, Dad?’ the boy asked.
8. ‘What have I done to deserve so severe a blow?’ the boy asked his master.
9. ‘Who are you?’ they asked.
10. ‘Will you get me a glass of water?’ the traveler asked the boy.
Change the reported statements and questions into direct speech.
1. “I’m going on holiday with my friend,” Susan said.
2. “I must do some shopping today,” my mum said.
3. “Did you watch the news last night?” my friend asked me.
4. “We had dinner in the Mexican restaurant yesterday,” they said.
5. “Can you speak Italian?” I asked Martin.
6. “Kate has passed her driving test,” her Mum told us.
7. “I’m sorry but I can’t come to your party,” she apologized.
8. “Have you been waiting long?” he asked.
9. “We might have met before,” he said.
10. “Would you like something to drink?” the waitress asked.
Change the following imperative sentences into indirect form of speech:
1. "Don't shout at me", she told him angrily.
2. "Don't bathe when the red flag is flying" the lifeguard said to us.
3."Please, swith off your mobile phone", the air hostess told him.
4." Please, don't drink any more", he told his friend.
5. "Be very careful crossing roads" she told her daughter.
6. "Don' t go near the water, children" the teacher said.
7. "Don't smoke near the petrol pump", he said to them.
8. "Show me your driving licence", the policeman told the driver.
9. "Could you read the next paragraph?" the teacher said to her.
10. "Please, come to my birthday party tomorrow", my friend told me.
Report the following sentences using the introductory verbs given below:
Useful introductory verbs:
threaten / suggest / urge / deny/ offer / refuse / remark / agree/ advise / apologise / add /
insist / suggest / warn / admit /inform / offered / remind /complain / announce / promise /
explain / admit/ ask / wonder /greet / welcome / refuse /introduce / call.
1. "No, I won't come to France with you. Jenny!" said Roy.
2. "You ought to see a doctor about your eyes," Sally said to her mother.
3. "If you miss training again, I'll drop you from the team!" said the coach to Bob.
4. “Hello! Do come in! What a beautiful suit!” said Sandra
5. "Sorry for not phoning to confirm your flight, Mr. Jones," said the secretary.
6. "Shall we take a long walk along the river-side" said Mary
7. "It wasn't me who spilt coffee on the tablecloth," said Greg.
8. "I'll carry the bag for you," said Beth
9. “Hello nice to meet you, my name is Carrie, come in and make yourself at home.”
10. "Yes, that painting is lovely," said Erica.
11. “You liar!” said Jimmy
12. "What about going to the opera?", she said.
13. "No, I'm going to pay for the ticket", said Adam.
14. "Would you like a drink, Ada?", said Daphne.
15. "My damned computer isn't working!" , said Tom.
16. "I'm sorry, Charles - I didn't mean to upset you", said Anthea.
17. "You'd better go to the police, Arthur", said Nick.
18. "O.K. I did steal the watch!", David said to Kojak.
19. "Remember, children, that the last bus leaves at 10.30", said the teacher
20. "Do not feed the animals!" the zookeeper said severely to the visitors.