Your Repurposed Content Calendar

How to Share 1 Content Piece 12 Times Over 1 Week Fill in the blank! Which of these 2 social media platforms do you use most to engage your audience? ❏ Facebook/Facebook Stories ❏ Pinterest ❏ Instagram/Instagram Stories ❏ YouTube ❏ LinkedIn Write them down here: Platform 1: ______________________________________ Platform 2:______________________________________ These will be your guide for the calendar below! Anywhere it says P1 is platform 1, P2 is platform 2. *​*BONUS​
*BONUS​ - If you have a Facebook/ LinkedIn Group you post in for business, that will read as “GROUP” Morning Morning
Evening Evening
Monday Monday
Tuesday Tuesday
Wednesday Wednesday
Thursday Thursday
Video Meme Meme Image
Image Image on on Image Quote Quote P1 P1
Quote P2 P2 Stories for for P1 P1
P1 of P2 if if applicable applicable
Video Meme Meme on Stories Stories for P1 or P2 P2 if applicable applicable Video Video Meme Meme
Video Video Video Meme Meme Meme P2 P2 on Stories for for P1 of P2 if if applicable applicable
Friday Friday
Sat/Sunday Sat/Sunday (schedule) (schedule)
Image on on Video Video
Stories for P1 P1 Meme P2 P2 of P2 if
if applicable applicable
Image Image Quote Quote
Video Meme Meme on P1 P1 If you don’t have a Facebook/LinkedIn Group for the “GROUP” days, replace those with one of these options: 1. Facebook Live talking about your content piece 2. Instagram Live talking about your content piece 3. Additional image quote or video meme/audiogram 
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