Mitigation Measures for Generator

As per para 19 of provided checklist Mitigation Measures for Generator/Source of Energy are
described below: GENERATOR:
The combustion processes for generator will not be significant to affect the ambient air
quality of the area. Any exhaust emissions will disperse with the prevailing wind currents and
will not have any significant impact on the local air quality. Moreover complying with the
mitigation measures stated below will further result in the reduction/prevention of these
Mitigation Measures
The stack height of the generator during operation phase will be vented through vertical
stacks to minimize exposure at ground level;
The stack height of the generator will be: H = h + 0.2 .JKVA, H = Total stack height in
meters. h = Height of the building in meters where or by the side of which the set is
The generator will be properly tuned and maintained in good working condition in order
to minimize exhaust emissions;
Diesel with the low sulfur content will be used as fuel in the generator in order to
reduce SO2 emissions
Residual Impacts
The residual impact will be insignificant once the mitigation measures are carried out.
Monitoring Requirements
Periodic monitoring of stack emissions from the generators will be carried out and
recorded to ensure continued compliance with NEQS.