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Honda Customer Satisfaction Survey

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 Honda’s origin • Originated in 1946 as technical research institute • Faced a major collapse of the previous business • Started manufacturing new products  • • • • • Businesses run by Honda Motorcycles Automobiles Power Products Aircraft and Jet Engines Robots    Average production of Honda Automobiles per year is about 4.5 Million units Average revenue of Honda Automobiles per year is about 1500 billion Yens Target Market of Honda Automobiles • Urban Areas • People more than 25 years old

History of Honda

 Soichiro Honda founded Honda  Started with the name Tōkai Seiki as a piston rings producer  Got a contract with Toyota as their supplier  Contributed in the World War II  Faced the wrath of the WWII  Collapsed after the WWII and the 1945 Mikawa earthquake  Yamashita plant of Tōkai Seiki destroyed by a US B 29 bomber


 This survey was conducted to find out the satisfaction level of the customers, towards the products of Honda Automobiles  To find out the strengths and flaws of Honda Automobiles  To find out the ways of improvements for competing in the target market

Research Methodology

 Our research methodology was to gain the advantage of the communicating with maximum people using minimum resources, through Internet  Google docs and online forms was our way of collecting data for our survey

Findings and Discussions

(People using Honda vs other Companies)

Sales People using Honda Other Products

Good and Bad Efficiency

Название диаграммы Colour Choice Braking System Safety Milage Fuel Consumption 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Bad Good 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%


 The conducted survey brings us to the following conclusions  People are buying Honda automobiles more than other companies  People are satisfied with the following • Color choice • • Braking System Safety  People are not satisfied with • Mileage • Fuel efficiency


 According to the data collected by the survey and the conclusions reached by the team, we have prepared a few humble recommendations to improve the products and hence the customer satisfaction  Automobiles’ mileage should be worked on  Automobiles’ fuel consumption should be improved, Customer demands about 60-70kms/litre so it should be brought under consideration.

 The timespan of 2025-2035 has been declared the green energy era, Honda Automobiles can introduce the technology of solar fuel which is more favored by the customers and is environment friendly  Many of the Honda automobiles’ engine capacity is lesser than that of the rivals, that can be improved to get a better place in the competition  The rebuilding and repairing of parts from Honda Automobile Centre should be cost effective.

Hurdles in the Survey

 The following hurdles made it difficult to collect and analyze correct data  Non-serious behavior of the participants  People giving false data  People being unfamiliar with some terms used in the survey