Appointment confirmation
To schedule a check-up, please contact us via:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +41 44 212 11 00
Cancellation and postponements
Cancellations or postponements must be communicated
at least two business days before the appointment, or
a cancellation fee may apply. Any cancellations or postponements that are communicated to us within 24 hours
prior to an appointment will incur a charge of 50% of the
total amount. Special services and additional concierge
medicine are subject to further conditions. Please speak to
us for more information.
International insurance
We ask patients with international insurance to please
clarify the scope of their cover prior to treatment in order
to establish the level of coverage to which they are
Language interpreter services
If you do not speak English or German, we will gladly organise an interpreter for you upon request. The additional
cost of this service is usually around 120 CHF per hour,
depending upon the language involved and other factors
(e.g. the time of your appointment).
Terms and conditions
An in-depth look at your
body in just half a day
By paying, you agree to the terms and conditions stated
on our website www.doublecheck.ch/tc.
Basic Check-up
Basic Check-up
Welcome to Double Check
A private Swiss medical centre located in Zurich, just 10
minutes away by car from the famous Bahnhofstrasse and
30 minutes from the international airport.
•Enhanced consultation and discussion about your
medical history and interview
Double Check offers a variety of check-ups for your and
/ or your company, all of which can be tailored to your
individual needs.
Giving you an in-depth overview of your
health in a short time
Do you have a busy life but still want to make sure your
health is not suffering? With our complete body analysis,
you can discover the status of your organ functionality and
physical fitness, all of which is carried out in the comfort of
our day clinic.
Using the latest medical technology and examination
methods, we can provide you with recommendations for
optimal preventive health care.
Medical care, Swiss made
Basic Check-up
The Basic Check-up takes only one morning, typically from
9am to 1pm, including a delicious breakfast prepared with
locally-sourced products.
We are available for you Monday to Friday, excluding
national holidays. Upon request, we can also perform
check-ups outside of regular hours for a nominal fee.
In order to have the most efficient check-up possible, we
kindly ask you to inform us in advance of your current
concerns and wishes. Any medical documentation is
Should you also require an in-depth study of your previous medical files, we ask you to choose our Executive
check-up, which allows more time for discussion.
Price and booking process
The Basic Check-up costs 3,900 Swiss Francs (CHF) and
must be prepaid in advance by either bank transfer, online
credit card payment or personally in cash a minimum of
four days prior to the appointment.
Online payment is easy and can be done here: www.doublecheck.ch/pay
Results handover
The doctor will discuss the first results with you immediately after the check-up is completed. In some cases, we
may need to carry out additional blood and urine analysis
using our partner lab, which means the final discussion will
take place the next day (or later) at your convenience.
•Laboratory studies of blood, urine and stool
(about 40 parameters)
•Vaccination status
•Eye test and eye pressure examination
•C ardio-respiratory system, including:
– ECG at rest
– Pulmonary function test
•Exercise ECG (if indicated)
•Medical imaging, including:
– Abdominal ultrasound
– Carotid ultrasound
– Thyroid ultrasound
•Diabetes screening
•Healthy breakfast
•Final consultation with your doctor (discussion of
all test results and advice on how to maintain and
improve your general level of health)
•Your own personal health file
(in German or English)
•Personalised support throughout the programme
Basic Check-up
Zollikerstrasse 60, 8702 Zurich-Zollikon, Switzerland
Email: [email protected] | Tel: +41 44 212 11 00
Our international team, with multi-lingual capabilities,
are here to make your stay as comfortable as possible,
including coordinating your flights, accommodation and
transport, along with any visa requirements you may have.
Organise an appointment
Basic Check-up
Our facilities are very discreetly located in the charming
village of Zollikon, a suburb of Zurich city, providing all the
security and privacy you require.
•Clinical examination including blood pressure
measurement, body composition (bio Resistance
Analysis) and BMI & Hip-Waist-Ratio
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