Quiz on Supreme Court

Quiz on the Supreme Court
1. The Supreme Court is a part of
a. The Legislative Branch
b. The Judicial Branch
c. The Executive Branch
2. True or False the Executive Branch confirms the Supreme Court nomination.
3. The President appoints them then the Senate confirms them by
__________________ and ____________________.
4. Can a Supreme Court Justice be impeached?
6. What is a precedent and how do Courts use them?
7. What is judicial review?
8. There are ______ Justices on the Supreme Court.
9. They are _____________________ for ___________________. (elected or
appointed, for a day, for a year, for 6 years, for life)
10. How many votes does it take to make a Majority? _________
11. What is a swing vote?
Fill in the Blank Questions .
Word Bank- Marbury v. Madison, Clarence Thomas, Brown v. Board
of Education, Miranda v. Arizona, Thurgood Marshall, Sandra Day
12. ________________________ was the first woman Supreme Court Justice
and swing vote.
13. __________________________ was the Head of the NAACP and first African
American Supreme Court Justice.
14. _____________________________ that stated that the Police must give a
suspect a verbal warning about their right to an attorney and anything you will
say can be used against you in a Court of law.
15. _______________________________ ended Segregation in Public Schools
and ruled the doctrine of Separate but Equal from Plessy v. Fergusson is
16. __________________________________ was a early Court case that
established the policy of judicial review that allowed the Supreme Court to
determine whether a law was constitutional or not.
Extra Credit- What are the two most important jobs the Supreme Court does?