Audio Transcript

Audio Transcript
1) 0:00:04 - 00:00:08
Bougainville soldiers can be heard speaking in their language.
2) 0:00:12 - 00:00:17
This is the Pacific Ocean, the narrator says, which is some hundred miles from the north east
of Australia.
3) 0:00:17 - 00:00:20
The Bougainville Revolutionary Army members can be seen.
4) 0:00:20 - 00:00:27
An order is sent for cramming the boats with the much needed medicine supplies and prepare
for setting off for home, from the Solomon Islands.
5) 0:00:27 - 00:00:34
Firstly, there is a prayer for safe passage. The Bougainville soldiers can be seen praying in
some foreign language.
6) 0:00:34 - 00:00:51
The narrator says, I know their prayers will be needed, because the home of these guerrillas
of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army is the little known Island of Bougainville, where
they would be fighting war of independence which is even lesser known, against Papua New
7) 0:00:56 - 00:01:04
The waters are patrolled by helicopter and gunboats which have shoot to kill orders, meaning
there is only a three hour gauntlet for us to run.
8) 0:01:04 - 00:01:08
This is a war, because of which I am here. Britain is also responsible for this war.
9) 0:01:08 - 00:01:17
A British company dug a huge mine on Bougainville due to which the fight got provoked and
it was the casual redraw of the border of Britain hundred years ago which now turned into
10) 0:01:20 - 00:01:26
As we enter the sea space of Papua New Guinea and break down on the border, which seems
about the worst place for doing so.
11) 0:01:26 - 00:01:34
Since we were carrying a lot of fuel, I started scanning the horizon for gunboats because only
one bullet would have been enough for frying us.
12) 0:01:36 - 00:01:45
However, the horizon stayed serene. This route costed many lives; still it is the only channel
for reaching the outside world.
13) 0:01:45 - 00:01:51
It is the only way into the bloodiest and longest conflict in the whole Pacific since the Second
World War.
14) 0:01:54 - 00:01:59
The serenity of the horizon is lost just as we reach near the island.
15) 0:02:11 - 00:02:16
Bougainville soldiers can be seen yelling in the language.
16) 0:02:35 - 00:02:39
The narrator continuous, When it turned out to be another boat of the Bougainville
Revolutionary Army, we took a breath of relief.
17) 0:02:39 - 00:02:44
However, I had a tiny taste of what goes through the Bougainvilleas each and every day.
18) 0:02:45 - 00:02:52
This story is about the unsung people who single handedly took on Australia, Papua New
Guinea and the world's biggest mining company.
19) 0:02:52 - 00:02:58
These people started by fighting the helicopter gunships with arrows and bows and have lost
about 10% of their population.
20) 0:02:58 - 00:03:03
Yet they managed creating what could be the first true eco-revolution of the world.