A : Hey, B. Long time no see, how are you, today?
1. I’m a student. Why are you asking me?
2. I’m fine. Thank you, and you, A?
A : My works are a bit rough. All of the co-worker are disappointing me.
1. What did they do?
2. Wow, congratulations!
3. Right, I will do that.
A : They didn’t finish their task when the work-time is over. So, I must wait a lot longer to go
home because of them.
1. Good for you!
2. That must feel bad, you have my pity.
3. I want to visit sale lot, wanna come?
A : Thank you. Now, I am in stress because of them. Do you have any advice for me to get rid of
this stress?
1. You can watch movie to make your body and mind more relax.
2. Let’s talk about Indonesian politics, economics, and fundamental philosophy.
3. Just buy a house, It’s cheaper.
A : Thanks for the advice. In fact, I really want to watch James Bond in the Cinema. I want to
watch that movie tonight. But I really don’t like to watch a movie alone. Can you accompany
1. Yes of course, Tonight I’m free.
2. The movie is pretty good.
3. Sorry, I can’t. I must take care of my kids at home because my husband’s home a little
bit late for today.
A : Wow, you and Jack already have kids? How many? What’s their name?
1. They’re not for sale. Sorry.
2. The first one is a boy. His name’s Roy. The second one is a girl, She’s Lily.
3. They have tails.
A : They’re must be so cute, just like their mother!
1. Thank you, Janice. If you have kids, your kids must be beautifull just like you too.
2. I’m sorry?
3. Don’t forget to praise my husband too.
A : I’m already have kids, you met them two years ago. Remember?
1. I’m sorry. I forget that happened.
2. Don’t you know my kids are pretty?
A : Yes that happened. It’s okay, let’s meet them up in the future, I’d love to see my kids play
with yours.
1. Roy and Lily will be happy to meet them, When will this happen?
2. Sorry my husband is so busy nowadays..
A : March 21th will be school’s holiday. Let’s meet on that day! I will ask my husband to
accompany me too.
1. Sound good! I’ll note that.
2. It’s so boring.
3. And april 20th will be Kartini’s day.
A : Okay. Thanks for having this conversation, B. See you in March 21th!
1. You’re welcome, Good bye, A.
2. Why A?
3. I’m so tired, A. Thanks.