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Exclusive access to the rarest collection of Persian rugs, antique, vintage & oriental carpets. We travel
the world to find the most unique, thought after rugs exclusively for the design community.
World’s largest gallery shop of authentic, best quality area rugs for sale. Our rug boutique is the source
of inspiration for most famous designers and architects such as Peter Marino and Alberto Pinto. Our
timeless and iconic pieces are often featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, The World of Interiors,
NY Times, WSJ.
Vintage Berber Rugs. Traditionally, Berber people lived a nomadic existence, leading their herds up and
down the mountains depending on the seasons. Weaving has long been a part of their culture, and
Berber designs are linked back to the very earliest traces of human history, with early iterations found
on rock and cave paintings.
Although today we use Moroccan Rugs to bring tactile comfort and aesthetic appeal to interiors, their
original purpose was warmth and insulation. The Morrocan Rugs of the Atlas Mountains were handwoven using the sheep’s wool provided by nomadic herds. And the rugs provided thick bedding, crucial
for the inhospitable climate, for the nomadic people. The cream and neutral colors common to
Moroccan rugs sold en mass today harken back to a time when dyes and colors were by no means a
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