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Vintage rugs - they are essential objects of desire of not only vintage trend followers but all aficionados
of beauty and sublime design. There is a good reason for such vast recognition as vintage carpets
constitute the core of taste and artistry of the 20th century progressive thought. They are clearly
defined by the past century’s celebration of new ideas, modern lifestyle and the Renaissance of all arts
which happened about that time.
The category of vintage rugs has many faces – there are numerous aspects such as historical period,
style, fashion, culture, symbolism and philosophy which add up to form the dazzling array of vintage
carpets. Among this sensational collection one will find pieces coming from Scandinavia, Morocco,
China, England and Continental Europe – in brief, from all over the world. Each and every one of those
cultural circles differs severely, so does the philosophy behind vintage rug designs coming from various
parts of the globe. However, one thing they have in common – the undeniable quality, which makes
them perfect utilitarian objects in modern households, besides being absolute works of art.
No matter your preference for color, texture or style, Doris Leslie Blau offers the widest selection of
authentic vintage rugs for sale in NYC and other parts of the world to fulfill your dreams. Vintage carpets
are notable for the wide variety of styles in which they are available, and the marvelous effect they have
on every interior arrangement. Whether you are looking for small, room-size or area rugs, there is a
vintage rug design in our stocks to suit your taste.
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