Notes WG6

Références WG6 pour la chronologie
WG6 Isle of the Ape, 1985 (WG6) (Gary Gygax)
WG6 se déroule après Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, et avant les Guerres de Greyhawk (déduit de WG6,6,
3ème colonne en bas de la page).
1. Chronologie canonique
2. Références historiques
[Tenser speaking] It was years past - more than a decade now - that our quartet [Robilar, Terik, Merlynd &
Tenser] was delving deep beneath that grim pile of ruins known as Greyhawk Castle [There they entered the
Isle of the Ape for the first (and only) time]. (WG6,6)
Although it has been over ten years since strangers have visited the tribe, the Kawibusas [Isle of the Ape’s
Natives] have not forgotten. (WG6,10)
The builders [of the stone wall] were impressively skilled in masonry and engineering both! It [massive stone
wall] must be centuries old. (WG6,16)
3. Références militaires, diplomatiques ou économiques
As my [Tenser speaking] power grew, so did my determination to aid those seeking to maintain equilibrium.
In due course I sought the Circle of the Eight, and in time I was accepted in their ranks. Now I sit as one of
the Eight Magi and I am charged with overseeing the whole of the territory roundabout. (WG6,6)
Amidst the gems and magicks we [Tenser speaking] bore out from the depths of Castle Greyhawk’s
dungeon, was a small mace, (...) the Crook of Rao. If that One is most peaceful and serene, nonetheless his
word in not to be lightly passed off. Long and long Rao has refrained from any meddling here, but he left us
with a token of his power. Devil and Demons of the Lower Planes shudder at the mere mention of the object.
Daemonkind flee in terror at the sight of it, and we need it now! [It was lost on the Isle of the Ape] (WG6,6)
[Tenser speaking] Know you of Iggwilv? Dead, you thought? Long dead... No, not so! She stirs and is much
wroth, for her beloved daughter was laid low [In module Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth]. If left to work her will, all
of those who seek weal and good will be slain or enslaved by her hordes. Daemons will stalk Oerth, and
blood will drip from black altars. Even with the artifact [Crook of Rao], the coming confrontation will be no
certain thing, but at least Iggwilv will have no demon horde to serve her. (WG6,6)
The metal [some unknown, purplish metal] of the gate is no harder than tempered steel - magical weapons
score it - but the stuff seems corrosion resistant, for it gleams as if it were new and polished yesterday, yet it
is obviously very old. (WG6,16)
Agath [High Priest of Celestian] is the head of the Temple of Celestian which is located near the village of
Thrutch. This village is in the foothills of the Lortmils Mountains in the Principality of Ulek. (WG6,22)
All of Keoland and the states immediately to the east (Hold of the Sea Princes, Yeomanry, Sterich, Geoff)
are your [Reynard Yargrove (Reynardia), Great Druidess of Obad-Hai] purview. (WG6,22)
Your [Franz, Lord Torkeep] stronghold, Torkeep, is on the bluffs which overlook the Ritensa River near the
only ford within many leagues. It is a very active place, with raids and skirmishes going on continually.
The Vesve Forest is currently under attack by many large bands of humanoids from Iuz. These monsters
and their Evil human allies, make the place a continual battlefield of Good versus Evil, and the position of
Marshal is most important to continuing successful actions against the invasion. Thousands of demi-humans
and humans depend on this, and your [Rowena of the Silverbrow, Lady Marshal of the Vesve Forest] troops
number thousands, although they are split into many small companies. However, the Circle of Eight is an
ally of this joint human-elven effort (...) (WG6,27)
After adventuring for several years, considerable successes lead to appointment as Court Magic-User of the
Duchy of Urnst. Although intrigue involving Nyrond brought your [Warnes Starcoat] appointment as the
magical councilor to the Joints Courts of Urnst, there is no question that your personal triumph over the
Weird of Gnatmarsh has made you the most respected magic-user in many states. (WG6,27)
The place [Scant] is smallish, however, and rather boring, all things considered. (WG6,27)
The pool [magical portal to a part of the Ethereal Plane affected by Zagyg’s mind] seems to be made of the
same purplish metal found on the titanic gates on the isle’s [of the Ape] peninsula. (WG6,37)