Single User Restroom ALL GENDER Inspection Check List

Single User Restroom / ALL GENDER
Door clearance 32” min x 80”, 78” with closer, open 90• to the stop 11B 404.2.3
Door maneuvering clearance at latch side 11B Table 404.2.4.1
44” min. clear approaching accessible fixtures (restroom) 11B 403.5.1 exc. 5
Door pressure 5# max 11B 309
Hardware 34”- 44” AFF 11B 404.2.7
Lever hardware shall return to within 1/2” of door CRSC 12-10-202 (f)
Unlatching: 1 action- unlatching shall not require more than 1 operation CBC
1010.1.9.5 and shall not require tight grasping, pinching the or twisting of the wrist
Light switch 15”- 48” max to top of box 11B 308.2.1
Coat hook 48” max to hook top 11B 308
Lavatory 18” min to C/L 11B 606.6
Accessible lavatory 29” min knee clearance 11B 306.3.1 exception
30”x48” CFS positioned for forward approach 11B 305
Lavatory 34” max AFF to rim or counter surface whichever is greater 11B 606.3
Lavatory water pipes shall be insulated 11B 606.5
5# pressure for faucet 11B 309
Motion/metered faucets shall run 10 sec min 11B 606.4
17”- 18” to C/L from side wall 11B 604.2 (note: rough frame inspection should
anticipate distance w/ wall finish i.e.: 1.5” Tile, ½” FRP, latex paint..)
17”- 19” to top of seat 11B 604.4
60” min clear at rear, 59” min clear front floor mount, 56” min clear front wall
mount 11B 604.3.1 and 11B 604.8.1.1
48” clear in front of water closet 11B 604.3.1
Flush control on open/wide side 5# pressure <44” max 11B 604.6
Grab bar rear: 36” long min 12”/24” 11B 604.5.2
Grab bar side: 42” long min 12” max from rear wall, 24” min front of toilet 11B
Grab bars 33”- 36” max to top of gripping surface 11B 609.4
Grab bar round 1-1/4” to 2” max 11B 609.2.1
Reference only, NOT an exhaustive list
Single User Restroom / ALL GENDER
Grab bar space between wall and accessories to the grab bar shall be 1-1/2 inch
firm 11B 609.3
ACCESSORIES: 11B 603.5 All operable parts max 40” AFF
Toilet Paper 7”- 9” max to C/L in front of water closet, below grab bar 19” min
AFF for outlet of the dispenser and shall not be behind grab bar 11B 604.7
Sanitary Napkins if provided, locate between rear wall and TP dispenser below
grab bar 19” min AFF to opening 11B 604.7.2
Waste Basket if Wall mount shall not protrude > 4” max (note: may protrude if
within cane striking distance – less than 27 inches to the floor)
Toilet Seat Cover best located 1- 1/2” at end of grab bar or below grab bar with
opening 40” max AFF
Mirrors 40” max AFF to reflective surface 11B 603.3
Paper towel dispenser shall not protrude > 4” max
Geometric Symbols on doors mounted 58”- 60” max AFF from CL of symbol 11B
Contrasting non-glare finish 11B 703.5.1 (note wording: light on dark or dark on
light i.e.: white on black or black on white)
Pictogram field 6” min in height, txt and braille shall not be in picto field 11B
Braille and tactile separation 3/8”- 1/2” max 11B 703.3.2 (also, 3/8” min from
bottom edge)
Tactile 48” min AFF measured from baseline of braille cells and 60” max AFF
measured from highest raised characters 11B 703.4.1
Reference only, NOT an exhaustive list
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