September 9, 2016
Introduction to the activity
Opening Prayer
Intro to the Poem (1)
Poem: Hunger from Parents Love
Intro to the Poem (2)
Poem: Parents versus Children
Intro to the Poem (3)
VIII. Poem: I Wish my Dad is Here
IX. Intro to the Poem (4)
X. Poem: Thank you Mother
XI. Intro to the Poem (5)
XII. Poem: Photograph: Fathers and Kids at Home
XIII. Closing Remarks
XIV. Closing Prayer
Nate: Good morning everyone! My name is Nathaniel Feliciano…
Wynbelle: and I am Wynbelle Ong.
Nate and Wynbelle: We will be your emcees for today as we go on a journey of discovery and entertainment
while we listen to the poems presented by 7-Camiguin students.
Nate: Before we begin our poem reading party, let me call on Ehna Dimalanta to lead our Opening Prayer.
(Opening Prayer)
Wynbelle: Thank you Ehna for that inspiring prayer. Now that we have asked for God’s grace and guidance,
let us go on with our poem reading party.
Nate: Literature has always been a part of Philippine culture since the pre-colonial times. Our ancestors
expressed their feelings and reactions to their daily experiences through various literary forms. Poetry had
been an important part of our literary development. Today, we will be presenting poems that express our
feelings and experiences in relation to the family.
(Intro to the Poem)
(Poem reading: Hunger from Parent’s Love)
Nate: Thank you Eugene and Dean for that touching poem. Indeed, we all need our parent’s love and care.
Don’t you think so? We now proceed to the next poem.
(Intro to the Poem)
(Poem reading: Parents vs. Children)
Wynbelle: Thank you Sophia for that poem about parents and children. Now, we proceed with the next
(Intro to the Poem)
(Poem reading: I Wish my Dad was Here)
Nate: That is a very emotional poem. Thank you Colleen and Ayesha for sharing it with us. After our
heartbreaking poem on fathers, let us now listen to a message of gratitude in our next poem.
(Intro to the Poem)
(Poem reading: Thank You Mother)
Wynbelle: Thank you Angelica. That’s a very beautiful poem, a reminder for us to be always grateful not just
to our mothers but to all the people who love us and care for us. Let us now proceed to the last but not the
least poem.
(Intro to the Poem)
(Poem reading Photograph: Father and Kids at Home)
Nate: Thank you Zach for that wonderful poem to seal it all. Well, we’ve had an emotional and enlightening
journey through the poetry we shared today. We hope that through this activity we will become more
appreciative of our family. Let us be thankful for our family who is always there to guide, support, love and
care for us. May we all have a happy and fulfilling family life.
Wynbelle: Before we end our program, we would like to request Angelica Gelverio to give her Closing
Closing Remarks
Nate: Finally, we would like to call on Alyssa Sulla to lead us in our Closing Prayer.
Closing Prayer
Nate and Wynbelle : Thank you everyone for sharing your time and talent in this Poem Reading Party. Have a
pleasant day ahead.
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