OUR WAY 3 - Prova de SEGUNDA CHAMADA Units 1 and 2

8º ano
A avaliação deverá ser realizada apenas com caneta (azul ou preta). Não serão aceitas rasuras nas questões objetivas.
Read the story, then choose the best answer. Check your answers below. (0,5 each)
Last week, there was one really, really bad day. It was Monday. Usually, there are about 25 students in my
class, but that day, there were only 5 people! It wasn't warm. In fact, it was really cold. It was raining a lot.
It was dark and gray outside. There wasn't any sunshine. I think the students weren't at school because they
were sick. They were at home. Maybe they were in bed.
Mr. Jibbit is our teacher. He is always at school. He is never at home on a Monday. Last Monday was no
different. He was not in bed. He was in the classroom, and he was cold! Why was he so cold? That's a
very good question. He was cold because the heat in the school was broken. It was freezing. The school
was like a refrigerator. Our room was like a freezer! And poor Mr. Jibbit was like ice! The small class was
cold, cold, cold!
The next days were much warmer. The heat was fixed on Tuesday, so everything was ok. There were 25
students, not only 5. But where was Mr. Jibbit? He wasn't there. He was at home, sick in bed!
1.The weather___________cold and rainy.
b. wasn't
c. were
d. weren't
2. Many students________in class.
b. wasn't
c. were
d. weren't
3. A lot of students_________sick at home.
b. wasn't
c. were
d. weren't
c. were
d. weren't
4. The teacher________at home.
b. wasn't
5. The classrooms___________very cold!
b. wasn't
c. were
d. weren't
c. were
d. weren't
6. Our classroom_______freezing!
b. wasn't
Educar crianças e jovens para atuarem com protagonismo, autonomia, responsabilidade e
criticidade no pensar e agir, de forma a contribuir para a formação dos sujeitos e de uma sociedade mais justa e solidária.
9. Write was , were , wasn’t or weren’t . (0,5 each)
Mark: There __________ a great party at Eva’s house on Saturday.
Sam: Really? ___________ there a lot of people?
Mark: Yes, there were 20 or 30 people. And of course, Eva ______________ there with her sisters.
Sam: And________________ Eva’s parents there?
Mark: No, they __________________. They ___________________ at the cinema.
Sam: _______________ there food?
Mark: No, there ____________________ , but there was music. It was fantastic!
10. A reporter interviewed the famous actor Robert Pattinson. Match the questions for his answers. (0,5
I was born on May 13th, 1986.
What was your first leading role in a
Where were you born;
b)________________________________ ?
I was born in London.
I started acting when I was 15 years old.
No, unfortunately, I wasn’t a good student.
My favorite teacher was Mr. Smith, my English teacher.
My first leading role in a movie was Edward in Twilight.
When did you start acting;
When were you born;
Were you a good student;
Who was your favorite teacher;
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