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40 Zhongshan Rd.
Taoyuan, Taiwan 320
April 17, 2018
Dear John,
Long time no see, John. How are you recently? Chicago must be so hot right
now. I can imagine how the weather there. I remember you are in your sophomore
year in Chicago University right? One of my best friend, his name is Boris. He will go
to your university to join the summer program in the summer. He hears that you are
studying in Chicago University from me. I would like to introduce him to you.
Boris was born in Paris, but he lives in Taipei now, in the north of Taiwan.
His personality is outgoing, friendly and dependable. Boris is studying in Yuan Ze
university. He is in his freshman year. His major is electrical engineering. He is now
doing his final project intently. Outside of his studies, he has a great number of
interests. He likes dancing so much, as well as listening to music. Also, he is fond of
playing basketball when he is free. Besides playing basketball, Boris is good at
playing table tennis. He is on the school team. He even won the championship behalf
of the school.
Boris is looking forward to go to Chicago this summer. You can take him to
the downtown or some popular tourist destination. He is a nice person that everyone
likes him so much. I hope that you will have the chance to meet together and become
good friends.
Chris Hsu
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