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Many of the problems encountered in ERP implementations are the direct result of shortcomings in the effective
management of business requirements. Industry studies around the world suggest as many as two out of every
three ERP projects fail or are “challenged”; resulting in budget and schedule over runs. A vague understanding of
expected business outcomes combined with insufficient skills to write, communicate and control effective
requirements lead to misinterpretation of business needs. Where a project fails — it is often seen as a direct
result of ineffective requirements management practices. Without effective requirements management, the
magnitude of the problems grows exponentially because of the enterprise-wide impacts that ERPs have on the
organization. This course provides participants with techniques, skills and resources to ensure that SAP solutions
are aligned with business requirements. Emphasis is on the application of requirements elicitation techniques
(based on the IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) that leverage the SAP Activate methodology.
Additionally, the course demonstrates SAP Solution Manager Process Management capabilities.
Skills Gained
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
Increase clarity of the objectives, processes and activities involved in defining testable requirements of
different types.
Manage key stakeholders expectations.
Lead more effective and efficient requirements gathering workshops.
Understand SAP tools to implement requirements traceability.
Graphically document scenarios, processes and processes steps using the SAP Solution Manager Process
Management functionality.
Understand the consequences of customizing SAP.
Use SAP Activate methodology resources to support effective requirements documentation.
Plan solution validation workshops.
Who Can Benefit
Project Managers
Business Process Owners
Business Analysts
Business Users
Team Leads
Functional Analysts
Anyone involved in defining and managing requirements for SAP
Have a good grasp of business analysis concepts.
Have basic understanding of the SAP Activate methodology that would be further explained though the
course in the context of requirements and process management.
Understand the purpose and capabilities of SAP Solution Manager in implementation and operation of SAP
solutions that would be further explained though the course in the context of requirements and process
Have basic understanding of SAP Best Practice concepts.
Course Details
Introduction to Business Analysis
What is Business Analysis?
Who is Business Analysist?
Overview of business analysis activities.
Requirements definition challenges.
Business Analysis knowledge areas and competencies.
Workshop: Travel Management Case Study.
Requirements Management in SAP
Recognize how and where requirements originate.
Understand how to frame problems and opportunities.
Describe techniques for performing root cause analysis and initial scoping.
Describe the steps involved in performing analysis activities.
Requirements Classification
Define a requirement.
Explain the various types of requirements.
Understand the difference between a business requirement and business need..
Distinguish a business requirement from a functional requirement.
Workshop: Requirements Classification.
Defining (and Managing) Stakeholder Expectations
How to define and manage stakeholder expectations.
Learn stakeholder mapping techniques - Stakeholder Assessment Map (SAM) and Stakeholder Reporting
Matrix (SRM).
Understanding stakeholder’s frame of reference.
Establishing a subject matter expert advisory committee.
How to use a RACI chart to define roles and responsibilities.
Workshop: Developing SAM and SRM.
SAP Resources for the Business Analyst
Understanding SAP Business Process Hierarchy.
How requirements fit into the overall SAP Activate methodology.
SAP Solution Manager: what it is and how it can support business analysis.
Review the SAP Activate methodology, accelerators, tools and techniques.
Workshop: SAP Activate Accelerators, Tools and Techniques.
Requirements Elicitation
Explain the iterative nature of the requirements elicitation process.
Define elicitation keys to success.
Dealing with barriers to effective elicitation.
Workshops vs. Meetings.
Workshop planning checklist.
Workshop facilitation.
Workshop: Travel Management Case Study.
Requirements Documentation
Apply standard principles and techniques of technical writing to requirements documentation
Describe how the requirements analysis process feeds the Business Blueprint phase
Documenting the To-Be business model
Documenting system behavior
Recording actor actions and system responses;
Documenting operational specifications or use cases
Workshop: Travel management Case Study
Fit Gap Analysis
Customization can have significant current and ongoing costs.
Business reengineering versus system reengineering.
What is involved in conducting fit/gap analysis.
Why it is important to conduct fit/gap analysis.
Gap decisions impact project scope.
Customization is often used to address functional gaps.
Workshop: Travel Management Case Study.
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