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Teacher Notes
Chapter Presentations
Additional Reading Activities
Welcome to the Fundamentals of English
Grammar Teacher Resource Disc
These PowerPoint® presentations provide visual aids for
teachers to use in class. There are two types of
presentations – Chapter Presentations and Additional
Reading Activities.
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Welcome to the Fundamentals of English
Grammar Teacher Resource Disc
Chapter Presentations – Accompany each chapter and
contain new content for every grammar chart, including an
array of examples, images, and exercise types designed to
further illustrate each grammar point.
Additional Reading Activities – Accompany the majority of
chapters and contain a variety of new reading selections
that highlight the target grammar structures.
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Chapter Presentations
Each Chapter Presentation contains three different types
of slides.
1) Section Opener slides – encourage discussion and
activate prior knowledge of the grammar point.
2) Chart slides – follow the Student Book charts and
explore the grammar with new examples.
3) Let’s Practice slides – provide a wide array of
interaction possibilities including orally or in writing;
alone, in pairs, small groups, or as a whole class.
Several chapters also contain an additional type of slide.
4) Preview slides - provide additional introductory material.
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Chapter Presentations
Presentations, sections, and individual slides can be used
sequentially or in any order desired.
Within every presentation, the Contents slide serves as a
menu system to provide quick movement from one
section of the chapter to another. A hop back to the
Contents slide from any other slide is accomplished with
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Additional Reading Activities
Each Additional Reading Activity contains four different
types of slides.
1) Preview Questions Slide – encourages discussion and
activates prior knowledge of the reading topic.
2) Reading Slides – contain the Reading, with the target
grammar highlighted.
3) Reading Comprehension Slides – provide a quick
review of the content of the Reading.
4) Grammar Practice Slides – practice key grammar
points in the context of the Reading.
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