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PREP ABC Dec W4 -Meiosis
Learner Profile: Knowledgeable
Aim: How are sex cells formed?
Do Now:
1. In your own words, define mitosis:
2. What are sex cells?
What is the name of the male sex cell? _________What is the name of the female sex cell? _________
Slide 1:
There are two general types of cells:
1. ___________________________, or body cells.
a. Examples include:
i. ______________
ii. _____________
2. ___________________________, or sex cells.
a. Examples include:
i. ____________
Slide 2: How are gametes (sex cells) created?
• They are created through a process called _______________________
• This results in a sex cell that has ________________ the number of DNA
(chromosome) as a body cell.
 The joining of _________________ and _________________ is called
_____________________________. This forms a ___________________.
After this, cell division will begin and a new organism will form.
Comparison of Meiosis with Mitosis
Draw the chromosomes for each phase of meiosis and mitosis. Assume this organism has 2 pairs of
chromosomes (1 long chromosome from mother & 1 long chromosome from father; 1 short
chromosome from mother & 1 short chromosome from father). Use two different colors to
differentiate between maternal chromosomes and paternal chromosomes.
Asexual vs. Sexual Reproduction
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