Esio Trot

Esio Trot
by Roald Dahl
Character Traits
Mr. Hoppy
•Does not talk
•Only talks to Mrs. Silver
at the very end
•Buys tortoises
(because he wanted Mrs.
Silver to love him )
Mrs. Silver
•Lives by herself
•Middle Aged
•Almost old
The story takes place in a
small flat high up in a
concrete building where Mr.
Hoppy lives with plants. Mrs.
Silver lives in the flat under
Mr.Hoppy with a tortoise.
• Esio Trot by Roald Dahl has several
different themes. Friendship and love are
probably the most notable of the
themes. Mr. Hoppy is willing to do
anything to win the love of Mrs.
Silver. He seems to be an honest man
but is willing to do dishonest things in
order to gain her affection.
• The genre of the story Esio Trot is
Fiction. It is really close to being realistic
fiction except for a few instances in the
story such as: Mr. Hoppy buying 140
tortoises and keeping them in his living
room. It is possible to buy 140 tortoises
and it is also possible to keep 140
tortoises in your living room however, it is
unlikely that someone would do it.
Extra, Extra
The problem is that Alfie
was not growing. Mr.
Hoppy replaces Alfie
with other
tortoises so that it looks
like Alfie is getting
bigger. Does Mrs.
Silver notice?
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