Six Sigma is a strategy for business and process improvement
Market Segmentation is a process used
to divide a large group into smaller,
logical categories for analysis
mfg process flow analysis
Process Planning -- Quality Function
Deployment that translates part requirements
into critical process requirements & ultimately
Critical-To-Quality process characteristics
New application of FMEA, no other
industry data referenced or found.
Tool allows project teams to record
customer needs in a way that captures the
context of those needs to enable better
understanding of explicit and implicit
customer requirements
a.k.a. Affinity Diagramming, organizational
method for collecting customer
requirements and expectations to select
essential statements
Product Planning -- that translates
customer needs/wants into critical
technical product requirements &
ultimately Critical-To-Quality product
Method for evaluating
design alternatives
Part Planning -- that translates product requirements
into critical part requirements & ultimately Critical-ToQuality part characteristics
Understand, true core processes,
key process input & output
Cause and Effect Matrix, applied to
mfg process.
FMEA, applied to mfg process.
Written description of the systems
for controlling parts, assemblies,
products and processes. To
address the characteristics and
requirements of the design
Analysis of the mfg process
performance to predict the
quality level in HVM
Design of Experiments, hypothesis testing
applied to mfg process capabilities.
Response Surface Analysis – used to
optimize the mfg process to determine
the optimal settings, by having trials of
the mfg process set at extreme levels
A variety of practices for statistically
determining required quantative features in
the design that make it robust against the
disturbances, variations, and uncertainties.
Applies to mfg and use environment.