ahmed ryad

Computer Networks I
Fall 2018
Quiz #2
Answer the following
4 Questions
Time Allowed 60 min
15 min for each slide
1. Explain, in brief, how Computer Networks
are classified from transmission technology
point of view. Give examples for such
2. Discuss what is meant by network topology
& explain the main topologies used.
3. Why does CSMA outperform Aloha? Be
4. What activities does routing protocol
1. Suppose there are three routers between a source host
and a destination host. Ignoring fragmentation, an IP
datagram sent from the source host to the destination
host will travel over how many interfaces? How many
forwarding tables will be indexed to move the datagram
from the source to the destination?
2. What is the name of a network-layer packet? What is the
fundamental difference between a router and link-layer
3. How many bits should the sequence numbers be for the
following E-link: Link length = 400 km, propagation
speed is 6 μsec/km, Data rate of link is 2.048 Mbps,
transmitted frame size is 64-byte & Go-back-N protocol
is used.
A large number of consecutive IP address are
available starting at Suppose that four
organizations, A, B, C, and D, request 4000, 2000,
4000, and 8000 addresses, respectively, and in
that order. For each of these, give the first IP
address assigned, the last IP address assigned,
and the mask in the w.x.y.z/s notation. Show your
work in details
Available subnet
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