Essay #2

Sachin Panayil Period 3 EMT
Software developers are the brains behind designing, manufacturing, and servicing
computer systems. Other developers develop applications that allow people to do specific tasks
on a computer or mobile device and control networks that run complex devices for personal or
business use. You may spend your lunch shopping, and before you make that huge buy, you
check your balance utilizing your phone. Afterward, you're cooking food for your family from
that incredible application your friend recommended to you. This is all capable because of
software developers.
Computer software engineers usually work in offices with computers. Engineers
employed with software vendors travel long distances to meet with clients. Software engineers
usually work 40-50-hour weeks. Also, software engineers may have to work weekends to meet
deadlines and resolve problems. Computer software engineers may experience back pain, or
carpal tunnel syndrome from being in front of computers all day. Most software engineers have a
bachelor's degree in computer science or similar field. Some other engineers have bachelor's
degrees in mathematics. Students who want to become a software engineers should focus on
software-building classes.
The median salary of a software developer is nearly $98,000 in 2018. The lowest 10% of
engineers earn less than $55,000 a year, and the highest 10% earn more than $157,000 a year.
The median salary of systems developers in 2018 is more than $107,000 a year. The lowest 10%
earn less than $66,000 a year, and the highest 10% earn more than $164,000 a year. As of 2018,
it's estimated that jobs for software developers will grow by 18% in the next decade. The demand
for software developers are increasing rapidly. Stepping stones to other jobs include being
promoted to a software engineer. This job title receives much higher pay and there are more
opportunities present for them.
All in all, going down the path of being a software developer is very resourceful. Average
pay is high, the environments are great, and promotions can come by easily. Going down this
career pathway is an amazing choice to lock in a successful career. But, this career is hard and is
research intensive. You must always be learning even when on the job. New coding languages
might come out and companies might require you to learn them fluently. Would you take this
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