Unit 1- M3 Learning styles

Learning Styles
What are learning styles?
• Learning styles are the ways in which students are able to retain and
comprehend information.
• There are 4 types of learning styles:
• Visual learners tend to use spider diagrams, charts, graphs, flow
charts and labelled diagrams to help understand and retain
• In addition visual learners use colors to help trigger their memories.
• Aural/Auditory learners learn most effectively through lectures,
recordings, speaking and explaining things in their own words.
• Aural learners use sound and music to help retain information
• Aural learners are very good at listening and remembering what
others say
• These type of learners prefer to read the textbook as this is an
effective way of retaining information.
• In addition, they tend to take a lot of notes during class to increase
their understanding.
Kinesthetic Learners
• Kinesthetic learners learn best by touching and doing.
• In addition kinesthetic learners learn most effectively through
How to recognize your own learning style?
I am a visual learner. This is because I learn best using diagrams and
mind maps as well as pictures. In addition, last year when I sat my
physics exam I created a mind map to help me revise for my test. After
two weeks, I found out that I got 80 percent on the physics test. For my
biology exam I revised just by reading my biology textbook. After a
week, I found out that I got 30 percent on my biology test. For my
chemistry exam, I created a voice recording to help me remember the
information. After a month I found out that I got 50 percent on my
chemistry test. For my math's exam, I exercised while memorizing
math's formulas. After 2 months I found out that I got 40 percent on
my math's exam. As a result of using multiple learning styles I was able
to recognize the fact that I am a visual learner. This is clearly evident as
I was able to achieve 80 percent in my biology exam which is my
highest result using images and diagrams.
How to use your learning style to develop
skills and knowledge?
• My learning style is very important to me. I am a visual learner. Now
that I know my learning style I can ensure that I better results on my
exams. In addition, I will know which learning style to use when
revising for exams. As I am a visual learner, I will use lots of colours,
images and diagrams to help me retain the information as well as gain
a thorough understanding of the topic. In addition, I will be able to
gain a better understanding of tasks. For example, in a workplace
when employees are being trained, learning styles can help them
remember what their duties and responsibilities are. Furthermore,
learning styles can help new employees the health and safety
procedures in the workplace.
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