Sean Hooven

Sean Hooven
2nd Period
Social media change in the mindset of people worldwide. The most emphatic and
enormous impact of social media was incredibly visible. Aside these prominent figures
such as film personalities and sports person, industrialists and other men of stature are
also actively involved with different social media mediums. Some individuals wrongly
interpret that social media is only for the Generation and the teenage group. No; it is
meant for all irrespective of sex, caste, creed or religion. The only requirement in order
to open an account in any social media site is that the person has to be eighteen years
or older. Social media has become a norm in todays’ society and eventually it’ll keep
growing to bigger things. Colleges look at social media as a part of you and your life so
be wary of what you post because it could cost you your chances of getting accepted.
Technology has advanced so much that internet can be found anywhere and
everywhere. I was out with a group of friends, and the entire time, everyone was on
their phones either taking snapchats or going through their Instagram feeds. With the
dramatically. Honestly sometimes using your technology too much is bad cause then
you’ll have to rely on it for the long run of your life. I believe the internet is a huge
blessing; however, at the same time, the biggest distraction and takes away the little
moments one should enjoy in person. Thus Social media has its ups and down’s, but
surely this different experience for our older generation who didn’t had these before.