Biome Rubric
Students will work independently to
construct a brochure poster of a selected
biome. Your poster must include the
following information; a title and picture
of biome, identification of location of
biome (include 2 tourist spots), 5-10
sentences giving information about
climate, soil, and popular products
produced in your biome (ex; food, fabric,
jewelry, wine, etc…), identify 3 types of
plants found in your biome(with pictures
of each), 4 animals (with pictures) and
their food source, finally; give 5 reasons
why people should visit your biome. Your
poster should be neat and creative.
*** If you select a water biome you may
need to make adjustments as needed
depending on the information available.
This assignment is due on January 3, 2019,
no excuses or late submittals. You will be
graded based on the above criteria, and
your presentation to the class. This
assignment will count for 2 test grades. If
you have questions please feel free to see
me, before 12/21/18. Good Luck!