Force and Motion Notes

Force and Motion Notes
What causes the motion of an object to change?
________________________ - is a push or pull applied to an object by another
Force has direction; a ______________
when more than one _____________ acts on an object they must be
Net-force -
Balanced Forces -
Example -
Unbalanced Forces
Example -
What is inertia and how is it related to motion?
_________________ - is the tendency of objects to resist all changes in motion.
➢ Objects’ motion do not change unless a net ______________ is _______________
on them.
➢ The amount of ____________ depends on the object’s _____________.
o More mass = _________________________________________
o More inertia = ________________________________________
Newton’s First Law of Motion
Quiz Questions
1. When are forces acting on an object balanced?
2. What effect do balanced forces have on an object’s motion?
3. How is inertia related to motion?
4. How is mass related to inertia?
5. Give two examples of inertia.
6. Why is Newton’s 1st Law called the law of inertia?
What is the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration?
Force and Acceleration
The force applied to an object and
its acceleration are
They both change in the
___________ direction
10 times more force results in 10
times more
10 times less
force results in 10
times less
2nd __________
Law of Motion
Mass and Acceleration
The mass of an object and its
acceleration are
They change in _____________
10 times more mass results in 10
10 times less
times less
mass results in
10 times more
m = F/a
a =F/m
Units of force –
F = kg x m/s2 = ______________
What net force is required to make a 2 kg
object accelerate at 9.8 m/s2?
What is the mass of an object if 6 N of net force
cause the object to accelerate at 3 m/s2?
If a force of 5 N net force is applied to a 0.5 kg
object, what will its acceleration be?
Examples of Newton’s 2nd Law:
Quiz Questions
What does it mean to say that force and acceleration are directly proportional?
What does mean to say that mass and acceleration are inversely proportional?
N = ________________________
What is the mass of a car that requires 1200 N of net force to make it accelerate at 0.5 m/s2?
What net force is needed cause a 0.55 kg ball to it accelerate at 4 m/s2?
If 250 N of net force is applied to a 3 kg box, what acceleration will it have?
What is gravity and what affects the size of the force?
Gravity –
2 factors that affect gravity –
The ___________ of the 2 objects
The ___________________ between the objects
Gravity on Earth = __________________
F weight = ______________ x ______________
The force of Friction
_________________ - is a force that opposes motion
Types of Friction
How are mass and weight different?
Quiz Questions
What is your weight in Newtons? 1 lb = 4.5 N
What is your mass? G = 9.8 m/s2 (F = ma)
What would you weigh on the moon? G = 1.6 m/s2
What would you weigh on the moon in pounds? 1 lb = 4.5 N
What would your mass be one moon?
How does Newton’s Third Law of Motion apply to everyday situations?
Action = _____________________
Describes how objects __________________ with each other
When one object exerts a force on another object, the second object exerts
__________________________________________________________ on the first.