Brand Awareness

Sunday, November 10th, 2013
Facilitator : Moez Allidina
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 Branding
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Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Presentation Outline
• About Social Media?
• What is Blogging?
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• How to generate Leads?
• Creating the Brand “YOU”
• What is the Social Media Strategy?
• Success Tips
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
What is Internet Marketing?
• Building a web site is a great first step
• Internet Marketing is necessary to
generate buzz and traffic
• Traffic generates business
• Business brings profits!
“A web-site without an effective marketing is like
building a 5-star Hotel in the middle of a forest!”
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
What is Social Media?
• It is the interaction between
individuals, businesses, and
communities using technology to
create and exchange user-driven
• “Future of Communication”
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Importance of Social Media
• Brand Awareness
• Communication with Audience
• On-line Authority
• Entertainment & Leisure
• Multimedia Management
• Reviews & Opinions
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
What Makes Social Media
Marketing Different?
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
• A blog is a website in the form of a „journal‟ that is
available on the web.
• Blog Lingo;
Blog: Slang for “weB LOG”.
Blogging: The action of updating a blog.
Blog Post: The content of the blog entry… For example: An article.
Blogger: Someone who maintains the blog.
Blogosphere: The information available in blogs on the Internet.
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
• Get connected with prospects
• Help make your website show up on “Google”
• Generate leads
• Key part of content marketing
• Use in social media
• Helps increase your reputation in the community
• Allows you to connect with influencers
• Tool to grow a following “likes, fans, etc…”
• Low cost marketing
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Search Engine Optimization
• Method to increase visibility in search engines
• Basics of SEO:
- Browser Titles
- Heading Titles
- Description
- Keywords
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Traditional vs. Modern Marketing Strategies
Traditional Marketing
Internet Marketing
• Television
• Radio
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Billboards
• Direct Mail
• Word-of-Mouth
• Video sharing web sites
• Blogs
• Social Networks
• Widgets
• Direct Email
• Word-of-Mouth
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Generating LEADS
Types of Lead Generation
• Door-to-Door
• Cold-Calling
• Trade Shows
• Outsourced Telemarketing
• Advertising
• Email Blasts
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Essentials of Capturing LEADS
• Be consistent with writing your blogs.
• Provide a variety of content.
• Optimize your posts and pages with popular
key words, tags and categories.
• Provide visitors clear calls to action by
giving them options and benefits for giving
you their name, email and contact number.
• Build authoritative hyperlinks that relate to
the post for you to build credibility.
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Brand Awareness & The Brand “YOU”
“Relationship Marketing Strategy”
• Know your customer (target market)
• Allow them to get to know you
• Listen to them
• Develop your Marketing Plan
• Provide multiple ways for customer interaction
• Focus on excellent customer service
• Create accountability
Your Business
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Understanding On-line Marketing
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Social Media Marketing
“10 Pillars of Success”
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Social Media Strategy
(Tactical Plan)
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Social Media Strategy
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Social Media Strategy
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Social Media Strategy
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Using Social Media Marketing
(Success Tips)
• Start out small
• Clearly define your marketing objectives
• Select your target market
• Assess your capabilities and know-how
• Execute your online strategy
• Measure your effectiveness
• Be ready to experiment
Facilitator: Moez Allidina
Success Tips – Cont‟d
(What REALLY works?)
• Pictures
• Questions
• Visual Organizations
• Odd Numbers
• Percentages
• Do not finish your post
• Videos
• Free Reports
• Alternate Post Types
• Leave comment on
your own Post
• Consistency
Facilitator: Moez Allidina