digital media and design-people photos

IMAGES: People Photos
An environmental
portrait uses pose,
clothing and/or props,
and background
(location) to tell a visual
story about who the
person is.
Environmental Portrait
Also notice, in these
examples, that the
subjects, who are
posed, show attitudes
that also tell who they
A close-up is a photo
showing an emotion or
attitude by the look on
the subject’s face.
In portrait photography,
this type of photo is a
1/3 crop (face only).
Sharing a camera with your group, each of you must take
your own photos. You must take one of each type of the
following photos, make sure they are good photos:
A candid is an unposed
1. Environmental Portrait
photo of someone who is
2. Candid
doing something, and is
3. Close-up
NOT looking into the camera
When done, upload the photos to schoology people