How Mastering "Small Talk" Can Transform Your Conversations and Create Serious Attraction When You're talking
to Women
Here is my take:
 A woman wants to know that she can have fun with you talking about nothing.
 She does not want to feel that when "Gary Null" talk ends… you'll both be bored senseless.
 She wants to know that things won't get weird, because you're a fun guy.
 And small talk is where you get to demonstrate all of these things a woman is looking for.
 It’s the way the "small talk" is presented that makes all the difference.
 Say something one way, and you bore her brains out.
How you Say It Matters
By saying something in a slightly different way, you can transmute your value from very low…to very
What do I mean by this?
I mean that over the course of a conversation certain information needs to get passed back and forth
between you and the woman you are talking to.
This is just the natural flow of a conversation…
What was MY conversation missing?
 Or you can learn how to turn you entire conversation, small talk and all… into something that is fun,
playful, and sexy…
 There are a handful of ways to turn small talk sexy, and I am personally FASCINATED with finding these
techniques, methods, and opportunities.
 Let me share a few of my favorite ways to do this that I discovered.
The second question is:
 Why didn't I realize this?
 I didn't realize this because I had achieved massive RAPPORT with the girl.
 We had connected on a topic so well that conversation was literally pouring out of our mouths…
My three biggest fears in conversations with women had always been:
1. Running out of things to talk about
2. Awkward silences
3. Resorting to "boring" small talk
So the mere fact that I had avoided all three of these outcomes led me to believe that I was achieving some level
of success with this girl.
The #1 Mistake Men Make that Prevent a Conversation From Turning Sexual
The number one mistake men make that prevents them adding sexuality to their
conversation is….
 And why do we fear breaking rapport?
 Because we confuse rapport with attraction…
o And they are NOT the same thing…
Here's How To Use This Information to Turn a Conversation Sexual Right Now…
 Next time you're smack in the middle of a conversation with a woman you're attracted to, stop for a
moment and consider why you're talking to her.
 You are talking to her because you HOPE that you can TALK her into becoming attracted to you in a
SEXUAL way...
 And you can… But in order to do this… you've got to…
Burn Your Ship And Leave No Avenue For Retreat…
This means that if your INTENTION is to create sexual attraction in a woman you have to PASS THE
o You have to be willing to lose her…
FAILED miserably with the girl in the story earlier because I was not willing to lose the rapport we had
o …but what I should have established was a SEXUAL INTENT…
The first thing you need to do this is to BREAK RAPPORT when you sense that a woman is getting too
comfortable around you…
Sexual tension stems from desire mixed with uncertainty, suspense, and even a bit of nervousness…
If you're in the middle of an hour long conversation with a girl about health food (or the Yankees, or
traveling, or your jobs)… there is no tension, no uncertainty, no suspense…
Yes, there is comfort and rapport… But you've got to BREAK IT…
So for instance, if a girl has gotten too if a girl has gotten too comfortable with you and she begins going
into a long rant about how much she hates her job…
Stop her and say:
“If we keep talking about this I’m going to charge you 200$ an hour for therapy. Do you have your credit
card with you?”
By doing that you've broken rapport for a minute and thrown some suspense back into the conversation…
and you've snapped her "he's such a nice guy…" thoughts in half.
You'll often run into this problem later in the night when you want to get physical with
a woman…and have built up too much comfort over the course of the evening… and now it seems the
tension is broken… and a kiss seems inappropriate...
Break the rapport…
Adam Lyons once told me a story where he had a girl back at his place and she wouldn't stop talking about
an argument she had with one of her friends….
He was sitting there thinking "how the hell can I get her to shut up long enough to kiss her…"
o I've done similar things…
o If I sense that a woman has become too comfortable and I can't transition the conversation to
something more sexual…
o I'll look at her and say, "Don't you EVER shut up?"
She'll usually look at me like I've just lost my mind…
But the TENSION GOES THROUGH the roof….
And rapport is broken…
And from there I'll give her a little smile…
Then lightly push her a flirty way…
And say "OH…Did I piss you off…"
o And now we are FLIRTING.
How to Avoid this in the First Place
We've already established earlier in this report that your INTENTION is to create a sexual attraction w/her
So let her know your intention…
If you don't want a woman to get too comfortable with you… and begin just see you as
a fun guy to talk to….
o Don't give her that option…
When I was talking to "Gary Null" girl I never said anything to hint that I saw her as anything more than a
girl with a similar interest in health food.
 So that is the "role" she gave me… the guy she talks about health food with…
I should have made a statement of intent early on:
An example of a statement of intent is: (if she flashes a smile) “You have a really sexy and mischievous smile, like
you’re totally up to no good. Haha I like that…”
"That thing you just did with your hair… is driving me crazy… I actually wasn't paying attention to a word you just
Leave no avenue for retreat…
 Once you introduce a statement of intent into the conversation you can return back to SMALL TALK…
because now underneath the "fluff" is an underlying TENSION that is building…
 I just shared what is probably the biggest mistake men make in their conversations with women.
 Most men cling to rapport, so unwilling and afraid to break it… they suck every ounce of sexual tension
out of the conversation…
 By breaking rapport and using a "statement of intent" you are back on track to get exactly what you want
out of the conversation…
o Avoid the "rapport trap" and increase your chances of success…
o Now let me teach some TACTICS for making small talk sexy…
 If you use the tactics below right off the bat… you don't have to worry about her misreading your
intentions… or eliminating sexual tension…
Small Talk Made Sexy Technique #1:
Create Conversation Momentum By Using a "Role" Keep the Conversation Flowing, Make Her Laugh, and Build
Sexual Tension…
Answer this question:
What do these three television characters have in common… (If you’re unfamiliar with them go to Youtube and
watch some clips of them)
David Addison: (from Moonlighting)
Barney Stinson (from How I Met Your Mother)
Performing Within a Role
 What these three characters have in common is that they are all performing within a narrowly defined
 This means every facial expression, gesture, banter line, or bit of small talk comes from the role they are
 And as a member of the audience you can almost guess how they are going to react to a situation, or
what they are going to say in response to someone else…
 What does this have to do with you?
 In Melvin Helitzer's book popular book "Comedy Writing Secrets" he states:
 "Humor doesn't go into a character… it comes out of a character.
 A character needs
 a trademark… a predictable point of view that does not change. Without a shtick the performer is just a
recite of jokes.
o With it a comic can get laughs even with mistakes because in a way, the performer is the joke.
o Every successful performer in comedy has developed at least one basic and memorable
o Not only does the audience feel comfortable with this, but the material is easier to write."
 The material is easier to write…
 Think about the significance of that statement for a minute.
The biggest problem most men face with "small talk" is that they find themselves continually running out
of things to say, or turning towards "boring" conversation topics, especially early on in the conversation
before you've both become comfortable with each other.
 But what if I told you that you can take any "boring" topic and turn it into a fun and exciting, flirtatious
 And have an endless supply of "conversational material" by taking on a role of a character…
Why this works…
 Think about the three characters listed above… these three characters are FUN to watch no matter what
they are talking about.
 This is because humor actually flows more from the character, the responses, and the natural interaction
than from the jokes.
 This means that you don't need to constantly be thinking of hilarious lines to make her have fun… in fact,
the fun stems from the character you are playing, and your character's interaction with her.
 The character writes itself... once you get the character down then all the funny stuff takes care of itself.
And this humor… this expectation of humor… creates tension. And as you continue to build up the tension… then
release… build up… then release… you slowly begin to create
But you need to choose the right role to do this….
The second reason I chose Ari Gold, David Addison, and Barny Stinson is because they play characters that work
well for BANTERING with women.
Each of these characters display a slight degree of "mental dominance" over the people they are talking to.
And the combination of mental dominance and bantering = ATTRACTION.
When you choose a character you want to choose a role that allows you to create attraction.
And certain roles work a lot better for that.
Here are some examples of roles that generate attraction:
• You are dominant, she is cute
• An assumed position of authority
• Her judge, coach, or consultant
• The victim of her seduction
• The cold guy
• The neurotically selfish guy
• A high maintenance chick
• Mimicking her
• The Devil on her shoulder
• Exaggeratedly cheesy pickup artist
• Her adult supervision
• She is using you for sex
Each of these roles listed above work so well because it sort of elevates you as the guy who "gets it."
And the mere fact that you've assigned yourself the role, displays that you are the one in control of the
conversation…and you're calling the shots.
In a minute I'm going to show you exactly how to use these roles to MAKE SMALL TALK SEXY… but for now
I just want you to understand the purpose of the role…
…the role writes itself... once you get the character down then all the funny stuff takes care of itself…
This role sets the "frame" for the entire conversation.
Even though you will moving in and out of this role throughout the conversation… it is ALWAYS there to
use when you sense the conversation needs some rejuvenation…
What to do…
There are three general rules to taking on a role:
1. Assume the role right from the start of the conversation
2. Own the role/ be congruent
3. And know when to drop it
Basically you want to exert full control over the role you take on.
Right from the beginning you are sort of saying "these are the rules to our conversation…"
This is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT… you must establish your "character role" early on…
o if not, it will be weird if you bust into it after 30 minutes of "normal" conversation….
And then you want to own the role, and be congruent in it.
This means you DON'T back down if she "shit tests" you.
You don't wait for her to "approve" the game you set…you just go right into it.
And finally, you must know when to drop it.
At some point, after attraction has been created, there will come a point where the role should only be
used very SPARINGLY…
o because if you never drop the role…she'll never get feel a deeper sense of connection with YOU.
How to Take a Role and Use it RIGHT NOW in the Real World….OK.
Here is a character practice exercise:
Imagine a particular type of character that you can work with….
Pick one of these three:
1. An Overly Confident Playboy
2. A High Maintenance Woman
3. The Devil on her Shoulder
Once you've picked one of the above characters, get in touch with how they would respond, react, what
sort of facial expressions would they make, what would their voice tone sound like?
As you read this, spend a minute getting inside the mind of the character you've chosen.
Become him for a second while I walk you through this exercise…
Your Reaction Stems from the Character…
Now, how would each character respond to the following three things?
1. She accidentally touches your ass
2. She drops something
3. She asks you to buy her a drink
Now I want you to be the first character… and respond to each of the three things.
The second character… and respond to each of the three things….
And finally be the third character… and respond to each of the three things.
Do this right now!
Do not keep reading until you've finished this exercise…
I'm going to just go through some examples of how you could have responded completely differently for all three
of these situations playing the three different characters…
She knows you're playing a role… so it's perfectly acceptable to be cheesy, exaggerated, and to push the envelope
a little…
Overly Confident Playboy:
(accidentally touching your ass) So, what do you do for a living?
(Staring down at her hand that just touched your leg) I know that move you just
(Giving her the "I'm on to you" look) it's one of my favorites….
The 'casually grope the leg while asking a seemingly innocent question?
Should I go through the charade of answering…
or do you want to just drop these little games were playing with each other….
A High Maintenance Woman:
(accidentally touching your ass) So, what do you do for a living?
Oh my god!! How dare you touch my ass?
I'm not some dime store gigolo that you can just have your way with honey…
The Devil on Her Shoulder:
(accidentally touching your ass) So, what do you do for a living?
Just… slowly…put…your hand back on his ass… he won't notice… just do it…
lean over and show him some cleavage why you're at it to…
Overly Confident Playboy:
More Examples….
(dropping her cell phone)
You are just making sure you take every opportunity to show me the goods…
aren't you honey?
I do admit…
I appreciate the effort you're putting into this whole seduction thing… most
girls don't try this hard…
A High Maintenance Woman:
(dropping her cell phone)
Oh please… DO NOT think you're going to trick me into looking at your ass….
I am NOT that kind of guy.
The Devil on Her Shoulder:
(dropping her cell phone)
He's looking… just stay bent over a little longer...
maybe throw your hair back a bit…
and then make a cutesy statement about 'how tipsy you are…'
Can you see how taking on the roll of a character makes things interesting…
…and allows you to introduce sexy topics
Do you see how much easier it is to completely transform the vibe of small talk?
 And can you see how EASY it is to ALWAYS KNOW WHAT TO SAY when you're playing a "role?" You just
say what you imagine your character would say…
 Just to illustrate the difference… use one of the above examples (Her dropping her phone or touching
your leg) and imagine how you would have responded if you were just being YOU….
 You probably would have just answered her stupid "what do you do for a living" question and continued
along a BORING conversation…
 …But the "role" you were playing allowed you to INSTANTLY add some spice and sex into the mix…
 So now you can still answer her question… but you were able to make the same piece of small talk…SEXY.
Small Talk Made Sexy Technique #2:
Turn the Conversation Into a "Game" and Allow The Back and Forth Interaction Take on A Life of Its Own
Did you ever amuse yourself for hours just throwing a tennis ball against a wall and catching it as it
bounced back to you?
Or not 'stepping on the cracks' as you walked down a sidewalk?
Or tried to pass as many cars as possible while driving on a highway?
Or sit in your desk and "rate the doability" the girls in the classroom with you…
While your professor floundered through a tortuous lecture?
If you have done any of these… …You've found THE GAME to make something boring fun
We do this all the time… because games are fun!
"Finding the game"
Every interaction you have with a woman has the potential for a game… and once you find that game… what was
previously a typical, boring conversation, turns into something that you a part of…
Either as teammates or competitors…
Just find some simple thing in your interaction that you can make into some sort of contest, and see who can out
due the other.
Everybody enjoys playing games because the rules are simple and clear.
…And just like playing a "role"… these games make coming up with things to say a whole lot easier…because the
conversation springs from the game…
Before I go into some examples of "games" you can play…let's just examine some of the reasons they are so
effective at making small talk sexy…
Why do "games" work so well…
• Creates a sense of rapport between the two of you (the good kind ☺
• Keeps the conversation flowing smoothly…creating the illusion of "chemistry"
• Allows the both of you to share information that you otherwise wouldn't have
• Makes bringing an element of "sexuality" into the conversation much easier MakeSmallTalkSexy.com Bobby Rio
Page 18
• Focuses the conversation on feeling, emotions, and observations… rather than facts
The truth is… SMALL TALK MUST TAKE PLACE… there is certain information that needs to be passed back and
forth between you and a woman…
The truth is… SMALL TALK MUST TAKE PLACE… there is certain information that needs to be passed back and
forth between you and a woman…
…but just like sitting through a boring lecture, stuck in traffic on the highway, or taking a stroll down the street…
SMALL TALK can be MADE FUN by finding the game…
What are the Games?
Basically anything can be turned into a game….
o But to make this cookie cutter simple for you…
I'm going to list some of the more popular ones that some of the world's best PUAs use on regular basis.
Each one of these games is designed to elicit emotions out of the woman you are talking to…
o and create the feeling of rapport and ATTRACTION.
…here are a few of the favorites…
The important thing to remember is, just like when using a "role" you MUST NOT explain games.
Just jump into them.
Start with fun and high energy and get deeper and more sincere.
Three Questions Game
As you're talking to a girl just begin this game…
You: "We're going to play a little game."
Her: "OK, what kind of game?"
You: "It's really simple. We just take turns asking each other questions...but there are rules."
Her: "Such as....?"
You: "
1.) Every question must be answered.
2.) No question can be repeated
3.)You go first."
"So, I want to know more about you…What’s… your favorite ice cream?
Mine is Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough…"
MakeSmallTalkSexy.com Bobby Rio Page 19
Trade three questions back and forth.
 You ask, she answers.
 Then she asks question, you answer.
 Start with very common or very fun stuff (ex. “what’s your favorite ice cream?”) and be prepared to
share your own answer to get it going.
 Second question goes a little deeper, like fond childhood memories.
 Third question go deep, like love, relationships, etc.
Since it's a game, she will hardly blink an eye when you ask "Where was the most
unusual place you had sex?"
You just sort of give her a smirk that says, "Yea I just brought it there…"
Unless she is complete prude she'll follow the path you carved.
Can you see how much easier it was to introduce sexuality into the conversation
under the pretense of a game?
Every time I use it the girl brings up something sexual within 5 questions.
Fascination game/ I Like game
This is another excellent way to share information in a way that is fun and creates a
playful back and forth vibe between the two of you…
I'm fascinated by...
I like…
Remember, start small. Don’t go for the immediate deep topics. Get her talking first
and get deep.
Ex. “You know what I really like about NYC? The best pizza in the world. You know
what I mean? What do you like about NYC?”
Then once you're warmed up… "I like girls who have a kinky side…"
It is all about the "VIBE" that goes back and forth between you and the woman.
Instead of tirelessly trying to create a deep sense of rapport… simply focus on the back and forth vibe that is
occurring between the two of you.
Your interaction should be the center of attention….NOT the TOPIC being discussed.
I repeat: Your interaction with the woman should be the center of attention… not the
topic being discussed.
This is where I had completely blown it in the earlier story. I made "health food" and
"Gary Null" the center of attention. When the center of attention should have been the
playful back and forth interaction between the two of us.
What if the interaction with the "Gary Null" girl went like this instead?
Me: I like Peanut butter fruit smoothies
Her: I like Graham Cracker Zone bars
Me: (high fiving her) Me too… I also like taking spontaneous road trips to weird
obscure places.
Her: Oh yea… Well I like people watching on the boardwalk and laughing at all of the
Me: Well, I like having sex on the beach while the freaks are walking on the
Her: I like sex after coming back from a really tough workout at the gym…
Do you see how creating a game allows you to elevate the conversation to a sexual
level…within minutes.
When you put something in the context of a "character" or "a game" the woman's
defense goes down and she finds herself playing along… BECAUSE IT'S FUN.
Remember, a woman is out looking to have fun. And quite frankly, most guys are
boring, lame, and incapable of holding an engaging conversation (I know because I
used to be one of them) so when a woman meets a guy who can create a relaxed
playfulness…she'll instantly recognize "this guys different" and she will follow your lead.
Yes, she wants to follow your lead…
She just needs to be sure you're going to take her down an enjoyable path…
Role Playing
What is a role play?
It is creating an imaginary scenario and personas that the two of you can carry out
Let's say you're talking to a girl and you tell her that you're going to Italy next week…
and she says jokingly "can I come…"
Instead of laughing it off… you would say something like:
"Yea, I'll hide you in my suitcase… When you get there you need to be my
paparazzi. I'm going to give you a camera and you just need to follow me around the
entire time snapping pictures of me…. And point at me like I'm someone famous. Then
you can sell the pictures to a local tabloid- and we can use the money to take a yacht
down to gamble in Monaco. Of course I'll wind up losing you in a poker game to some
Iranian sheik…"
You see how you just took this absurd situation and kept making it more absurd...
Yet, it was playful, it probably had her giggling… and it projected a future where the
two of you were in Italy and Monoco.
It's very simple…
Start a story about a fantasy with you and her. Let her fill in some details, and
together you create a fun game with each other.
And for god sakes… Don't be afraid to introduce some sexuality into the role play…
that's the whole point…
So There You Have It
Some of my favorite ways to add fun, playfulness, and sexuality to your small
talk…and increase your attractiveness in the eyes of the woman you're interacting with
MASSIVELY. And what is great about all of the techniques mentioned is that you do not
need to change what you talk about… just the way you present the information.
Now it’s time for you to go and implement these techniques, and get some
RESULTS. Take my word for it…
Take action right now. Don’t wait. Do something with what you just learned
immediately, so you start using it AUTOMATICALLY. Use these techniques every day,
and soon you’ll find that you’re creating the sort of vibe that women crave and you will
almost be able to see the attraction glistening in their eyes…
And if you’re interested in getting the ultimate training in creating fun, flowing, and
attractive conversations then consider the Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk
Sexy program. It just might be your ticket to the success you’re seeking
Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy is a program that I will be releasing in a
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and you can see in the woman's eyes that she is starting to realize that you're not as cool as she thought you were
a few minutes earlier...?
…have you ever "ejected" from a conversation while it was still going good because you didn't know how to
escalate the conversation past a "friendly" level… so rather than risk rejection or embarrassment … you walked
away from a woman and got nothing…?
…have you ever felt "overshadowed" by other guys who just seemed to naturally be more charismatic talkers than
you… like they just seemed to effortlessly get girls in a fun and flirty mood… while your conversations seem boring
or 'try hard' in comparison…?
…have you ever gotten a girl's phone number… but not called her… because you were terrified of that moment
when she answers the phone… the struggle to think of 'what to say next'… the dreaded "awkward silences" … so
instead you would literally hold the phone in your hand for hours before finding a good rationalization not to
Have you ever had any one of these things happen to you?
If you're like I was when I first started to work on my "dating life", then you've been in one or more of these
situations... probably MANY TIMES.
And what's the WORST part about going through one of these things?
Well, if you ask me, the most PAINFUL part of it is that as you're going through it, you always KNOW that it's YOU
that's screwing things up!
And it sucks!!!
"This Changes Everything..."
I know why you don't give up…
Because you know that finally figuring this out changes EVERYTHING
I think by now you "get it." And you know it's not looks, money, or power (these things mean nothing if
you can't talk) that gets you women…
It is your ability to open up your mouth and talk to them in a way that gets them feeling attraction
towards you...
And once you master this… you can literally talk to ANY woman…and within seconds…
o create that "spark" that other guys go their entire life without experiencing…
I know you've imagined it, yourself with James Bond like smoothness…
Able to walk right up to woman you see on the street,
o or behind the counter at your bank, or in a grocery store, or at your job...
…And get the girl smiling, touching you, laughing at all of YOUR jokes (even the unfunny ones)
o all while you easily transition to an almost PERFECT seduction.
Not to mention the a surge of confidence that radiates through all areas of your lifeo allowing you to have more fun and CONNCECT with more people…
o and it means having women approach and chase YOU
It means an entirely new world where you have the courage to go after exactly what you want,
o and you get the RESPECT and admiration of all the men who don't.
Best of all it means looking forward to going out and talking to women…
o and ENJOYING your conversations with them… And finally getting RESULTS….
You DON'T GIVE UP because you know exactly what this means…
o and you know this is WORTH LEARNING.
"A Realization That Instantly Changed Everything For Me..."
When I was searching for the hidden secrets on how to get better at talking to women… I almost never found what
I was looking for. There was a ton of great information on building your inner game, what attracts women, body
language, and what to say to start a conversation…
But what I realized is there are certain things you need to know to execute all of this…
You need to know was how to TRANSITION all of these attraction building techniques into a conversation
You need to know how to instinctively know WHAT TO SAY NEXT…
You need to know how to recover from those moments where your mind goes BLANK and you completely
You needed to know how to ESCALATE a conversation from something fun and playful to something on a more
SEXUAL level…
You need to know how to draw more ENGAGING conversation out of the girl you are talking to
You need to know how to think quicker… how to "turn it on" instantly… and how to become more
For a very long time I became almost obsessed with the question "What do I talk about?"
When one of my friends would hook up… although too embarrassed to outright ask… I would shamefully pry
"what did you say to her?"
And when I frantically searched through forum posts online reading other guy's success stories I always looked for
the little snippets of dialogue that I would analyze and try to recreate.
Yet anytime I found myself alone with a girl… and knew that I had the perfect opportunity to connect with her…
instead, my entire body would get tense… my voice would get creaky… and I'd find myself sort of shrugging and
asking boring interview questions… and although she was being polite… I could tell she wanted to be anywhere but
next to me…
In fact as my insecurity over my lack of conversation skills got larger, I started to find that this "what do I talk
about" question was SABATOGING other areas of my life.
Anytime I got around anyone even slightly outside of my comfort zone I would start to feel this shell grow around
me and the harder I tried to crack it…the more I would just murder my chances at creating any sort of connection.
Why did it seem that the harder I tried the more boring and UNNATURAL my conversations became?
"My a Ha Moment"
I remember one night hanging out with a friend of mine who has always just killed it with the ladies…
Within ten minutes of talking to this girl she was already inviting him back to her place… I stood there
stumped…. There was no brilliant conversation… in fact, most of the conversation was pretty mundane…
yet, she was giggling and having FUN the entire time…
Then I had a real "a ha moment" when I had a simple realization:
I realized that the guys who seem to do the best with women were NOT the guys who were able to have
the most interesting conversations…
And it hit me!
It is not your ability to talk about interesting things with a woman that turns her on… it is your ability to
have fun together talking about NOTHING.
"What if everything you thought you knew about conversation skills was wrong?"
It's your ability to have fun together talking about NOTHING… read that AGAIN... and the again!
If this seems counter-intuitive to everything you thought you knew …or everything you have been
TAUGHT it is not your fault.
Very few people "crack the code" and understand this concept.
I remember reading the book "The Game" and being so FRUSTRATED because the book would make it
seem that you would just use a fun opener to get a woman talking, use a few routines…and WHAMO she
would be dragging you into the bathroom for a quickie…
No mention at all of the long stretches of conversation between opener and close…
The Small Talk
"What The 'Gurus' Leave Out"
But as I read more and more books, listened to more and audio courses, and attended more and more
live workshops…
I began to really pay attention to the subtle things that WERE NOT BEING DISCUSSED.
And here is what I found…
A lot of the advice being shelled out on conversation skills says something like "talk about something
you're passionate about."
Makes sense, right?
If you put ANY guy in a conversation with a woman and let him spend the entire time talking about one
or two topics he's passionate about… he'll do pretty good… right? At the very least, he won't stumble
into those immobilizing silences….
…That is until the topic runs DRY. And then you're DEAD in the water.
On the other hand, the guys who really kick ass with women… the guys with the "jaw dropping" talent to
seduce nearly ANY woman… the guys who have the perfect ten models wrapped around their pinkies…
"Great Conversations Talking About Nothing?"
These guys are able to have great conversations with women talking about essentially nothing.
These guys have girls giggling and wide eyed… during small talk... They naturally keep the conversation
FLOWING… all the while, slowly moving the conversation in the exact direction THEY want to take it.
So much emphasis has been placed on what to say to demonstrate value, or what to say to show
confidence, or what to say knock the girl off her pedestal… that it is virtually never talked about how to
have a flowing, FUN conversation, while seamlessly weaving all of these techniques together…
In fact, the more I began to search through the piles and piles of information available on the internet…
the more I began to see just how WRONG this information actually is when it comes to creating
charismatic and compelling conversations with women.
Your “Missing Link” To
Attraction Building Success…
I'm about to tell you something that you already know…
I think you ALREADY KNOW far more than the average guy about how to be successful with women.
In fact, you probably know more about this than most guys who are “naturally” good with women.
You already know the “theory”… and what you need to do to be successful. But things just aren't
working for you the way you wish they would…
And… I think you know that the problem stems from your lack of conversation skills and it is preventing
you from ever having a real chance at building attraction with a woman.
You know "WHAT" you need to be doing. But you don't know HOW to do it. There is a big difference… I
think you figured that out by now.
I also think you realize that this problem of not being able to communicate YOUR BEST SELF is not just
limited to meeting women.
I also think you know that if and when you DO tackle and defeat this problem… and get this handled
once and for all… you WILL achieve the success with women---and in life---that you were born to have.
And I think you realize by now that this isn't going to happen by itself.
The problem isn't going to “solve” itself… the pieces aren't going to just “fall into place”… and you will
NOT have the success with women you are looking for unless you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
The good news is that this problem is not nearly as hard to fix as you imagine.
I speak from experience. There was a long time when I thought I was "different" and was just not
capable of overcoming this area of my life…
But I was able to finally "fix it."
And now I want to show you exactly how I did it.
Finally a Cure for Your Conversations
If you're ready to finally kiss your fears and frustrations of talking to women goodbye--- and give
yourself the priceless skill of being able to approach any women in any situation… spark her attraction
instantly… and talk free and flowing … and leave her wanting you… I have some exciting news for you…
I've spent the last few months putting together a brand new, one-of-a-kind program on "Having
conversations with women that engage, attract, and escalate"… and its finally ready to rock.
This program was not designed to simply educate you on the ins and outs of having conversations with
women… and it's not just going to give you a few great lines and techniques…
What this program is going to do is completely IMPLANT the skill of carrying a conversation with a
woman into your game, brain, and personality, and make it a PERMANENT part of you.
In this ground-breaking program you'll learn the" subtleties of conversation" "to pinpoint the specific
problems that are ruining your chances with women… that make you realize ‘oh I can easily go on from
Always Be "In the Zone" With Women
You'll learn how to draw people out to talk about more interesting topics in a more natural way instead
dragging it out of them. And the "mindset tricks" so that you can ALWAYS be "in the zone" with women
whenever you're talking to them.
What's unique about this course is that its based on examples and application… and is filled with
hundred of little "bite size" game changers that you'll be able to see an immediate impact on your
conversations tonight.
Before recording the program I told the guest speakers "A little theory is fine… but we need EXAMPLES
of things we can do tonight that drastically change the quality of our conversations… and we need
EXAMPLES for all types of conversations with different objectives, for example, how to create small talk,
‘working the room’, creating emotional connection, making INSTANT friends, creating sexual tension ,
warm approach, etc. "
And above all, you'll learn tips, mindset shifts, and strategies so that make you REMEMBER to use this
stuff WHEN IT COUNTS when you're out to talking to women…. Because the biggest problem I've found
over the years is that it is easy to learn something sitting at a computer… but a whole lot different trying
to put this stuff into action..
So I designed SPECIFIC practice routines to make sure you drill these skills down and make them become
a part of how you naturally communicate.
If you've tried EVERYTHING and you can't get a grip on what your problem is and how to solve it... this
program is especially for YOU.
"Command Power and Respect From Anyone You Talk To, Almost Instantly"
If you're feeling like you don't have any control over your conversations… and that what you say is
completely random… and it’s a crap shoot of whether you're "in the zone" or in "boring mode" then this
will show you how to break free from these CHAINS and take control of your brain back... and start
commanding POWER and respect from all you come in contact with.
If you've had difficulty keeping a conversation interesting or consistently find yourself "stalling out" or
"running out things to say" this program will show you how to patch those holes, and easily talk for
hours in a fun and exciting way.
If you're tired of not getting any sort of "sexual" response from a woman… and just can't seem to
ENGAGE her enough to ESCALATE past a "friendly" level… you'll learn how to snap yourself into "sexual
mode" and to make your "intent" contagious so that she naturally follows you into this new way of
communicating… and you'll see EVERY conversation as a new opportunity to connect on a deeper more
intimate level with every woman you come in contact with.
I wanted to create the definitive "go-to" guide for guys who are dealing with the same problems that
ruined nearly two thirds of my life.
Now there are a lot of "self proclaimed" experts out there on the internet… and there was NO WAY I
was trusting this project to anyone that was not THE BEST OF THE BEST.
I got to together the best of the best and together we're going to share the skills you need to finally
say "goodbye" to the problems and issues that have plagued your conversations with women.
All of this is covered in the program… and a whole lot more.
Here is just a few of the other things you'll learn:
How to structure your conversations in way that creates a "greased slide"… (She gets in at the
beginning, and is rushed at a giddy pace straight through every story, every word, every physical
escalation until she arrives at the close, breathless and so excited that she can't wait for you to finally
lean in and kiss her…)
A "conversation technique" you MUST use in EVERY conversation that will let you know where you
stand with a woman. This "rapport trigger" not only creates an immediate and unconscious bond
between the both of you… but it also gives you 100% effective way of knowing EXACTLY where you
stand with her… (this is one of those "true" over night game changers)
Learn to think "spontaneously" and be able to talk about ANYTHING on a moment's notice…once you learn this
you'll find yourself meeting women in grocery stores, the gym, Starbucks, or simply walking down the street…
What to do when a woman is phishing for a compliment when talking to you (there is a right way and a wrong way
to handle this… do it the wrong way and you've lost)… if you handle this right, your value in her eyes will shoot
through the roof…
The "4 basic agreements" you MUST unconsciously make with a woman that will create almost "instantaneous
rapport" and let her know that you're both on the exact "same page."… she very rarely meets a guy who "gets it"…
so when she does she won't be able to stop herself from "surrendering" to the moment…
A simple "mental" exercise that allows you to plow through any "awkward" moments of conversation with an
underlying, unshakeable, inner confidence that will prevent you from stalling out or getting nervous… allowing
you powerfully attract the woman you're talking to (this works even better on hotter woman who are not used to
guys appearing so cool, calm, and collected)…
Here's one of my favorites! -How to use a "set up" question to draw a reaction out of her that you can use as an
excuse to begin "teasing" her… She will literally hand you conversation material that you can call back upon for
hours… And it will NEVER get old…
The REAL reason most guys completely blow it with "cocky/funny. "(and just adding one phrase can totally save
you from those awkward moments when the woman just doesn't get your sarcasm)
3 "mindset shifts" that when you implement them you will finally rid yourself of those "little voices" that have
been sabotaging your conversations with women your entire life… and you'll find that instead of fearing talking to
women… you'll actually enjoy it on an entirely new level…
The biggest reasons that conversations hit "lulls"… and how to keep the conversation FLOWING with these 3
simple techniques… that when you use them you'll discover how easy it is to talk for hours with a beautiful
woman….without ever running out of things to say.
Why most guys wind up "irritating" a woman within minutes of talking… And 5 things to avoid so that this never
happens to you… you'll become the refreshing "alternative" that she has been waiting for…
A simple "discreet" phrase you can say to a woman that will force her to imagine you in a "sexual way" without
coming across as a creep or weirdo…(this phrase works on practically any girl.. no matter if she is the wild party
type… or the shy girl next door)…
An easy to remember – 6-step "formula" that GUARANTEES the conversation flows SMOOTHLY. (Most guys
completely wing it and sputter out quickly) Use this strategy to engage any woman and ALWAYS know exactly
where to steer the conversation next..
After ten minutes a woman starts to "unconsciously" notice these 3 things that will quickly become "deal
breakers" if you don't immediately adjust and make her feel the comfort to open up to you… forgetting even one
of these will seriously diminish your chances of her feeling any sense of rapport with you….Hint, it's what you're
not doing that makes her feel less than enthusiastic (And it's easy to fix)
A simple "conversation trick" that when you use it…makes women twice as likely to keep talking (And it will draw
more interesting and passionate topics out of her)… and even though she'll be doing most of the talking she will
still find herself keep thinking how much she is enjoying YOUR company…
12 topics that you can use to actually ENGAGE women in conversation instead of relying on small talk,
“interview” questions, or hoping for something situational… when you're talking about any of these 12 topics you'll
find it twice as easy to spark attraction in the woman you're talking to.
The main reason why a woman will flake out (even after a good conversation)… Here is a powerfully effective
technique that turns you into a "3 dimensional" character that she MUST see again (if you've ever wondered why
women usually date a guy they work with or know from school…this is why… and here is how you can use this
technique to make them feel that same sense of rapport with you…within minutes)
How to abruptly change the topic on a woman who is treading into "interview mode" in a way that demonstrates
your both "spontaneous" and "fun"…
The 5 "critical" signals you must look for to know if you should "eject" from a conversation. Don't waste another
second talking to a woman who is likely to give you the "I have a boyfriend" line thirty minutes into the
How to control that nervous, "chemical reaction" (And avoid "mental shutdown mode") in a way that allows you
to focus on filling every one of her needs, countering every one of her objections, and hitting every one of her
"hot buttons…"
Why most conversations die out almost instantly (think about those awkward elevator conversations)… and how
you can use this simple "mental trick" before approaching a woman that almost guarantees that you will plow
right through those "uncomfortable silences" and allows you to keep going right up until you're putting her
number into your phone and making plans to hang out…
The single biggest turn off that you can display to a woman which lets her know instantly you're somebody she
should NOT be talking to… (Luckily most OTHER guys make this mistake)…And by simply discovering this "sure fire"
strategy for avoiding it you'll SUPER CHARGE your success rate in no time…
3 simple techniques to instantly display an incredible sense of humor to the woman you are talking to. They also
display "mental dominance" and let a woman know immediately that she is going to have to work to keep up with
you (in a fun way)… women literally MELT when they meet this kind of man…
How giving women "mental challenges" in a way that keeps them engaged in the conversation (and displays
massive "social intelligence")… you'll quickly discover that these "challenges" are like aphrodisiacs to women that
turn them on and having them craving more…
How to let the girl know that this isn't a friendly conversation and you're looking for something more and this is a
"flirtatious" interaction (in a subtle, sophisticated way)
What to do if you are "touching" a woman and she isn't giving you any sort of reaction (the answer is going to
shock you)… do this and avoid losing a girl simply because you totally misread the signals…
How to respond and not seem "overeager" when a woman compliments you… and what you should do
IMEDIATELY after to take full advantage of this situation… there is a small window of opportunity here that you DO
NOT want to miss….
A secret new technique (unknown even to men who rate themselves as "masterful pickup artists" ) that is
guaranteed to amplify the power of "social proof" and immediately increases the chances that she will go home
with you… that night
The vast majority of men never figure out how to spot the "social dead ends" ….and yet the answer is obvious…
simply avoiding these few women will drastically decrease the amount of rejection you experience in the
field…(You'll never guess who they are without these clues!)
An almost "grade school" method for never running out of things to say... I swear this method is so simple that
you'll hate yourself for not thinking of it earlier
4 Simple ways to "bait" a woman in a way that will have her practically begging you to keep talking… This also
allows you to control the frame and vibe of the conversation in a way that makes her curious and excited about
Examples of cold reads (without being the mystical reading guy) You'll hear word for word EXAMPLES of cold
reads that you can go out tonight and use to draw a woman out and lead her into talking about things she is really
passionate about… if done right this is like "verbal foreplay" for a woman…
The bare minimum a woman needs to know about you before she sleeps with you (and to get this "boring"
information across in a fun and playful way)
6 Story telling techniques learned from reality television…that will have your audience spell bound- the surest
path to getting a woman's googly "bedroom eyes" focused on you…
How to quickly get into the woman's "model of the world" in a way that allows you to build massive rapport and
give her that feeling of having known you forever- the surest way to bring her "foreplay clock" into synch with
yours… and have her feeling comfortable enough with you to act on her sudden impulse…
8 things you can do in the first 10 minutes of talking to a woman that will make her like you instantly. Doing
anyone of these will make the rest of the conversation flow so much smoother.
Examples of "sexualized" teasing… And how to use this new skill in a way that sends shuddering waves of sexual
tension throughout her entire body…
Why "role plays" are the most underutilized technique out there … You'll learn how to use them in a way that
creates an instant "playful vibe" with a woman… this is the first indicator of "sexual chemistry" is her eyes… Here
are word for word examples of "role plays" you can use tonight…
A trick I learned from my time working as real estate salesman….to quickly motivate yourself to want to talk to
people and instantly "feel social" even when you'd rather be at home watching TV…
The quickest way to kill your escalation "momentum"… and how to avoid this like the plague… trust me this is the
worst sin you can commit… an unforgiveable act that you can NOT recover from…
An innocent "touching" technique that is a surefire way to know if she is feeling any attraction toward you… (This
is so sneaky, yet so good)…
How to handle it when a girl turns her cheek when you go for the kiss… in a way that allows you to completely save
face… Once you learn this you'll actually look forward to this opportunity to demonstrate massive social
intelligence to her… (I GUARANTEE she won't turn the cheek the next time)
What to do when you sense a woman's interest is starting to wane to avoid having her give you the "I've got to get
back to my friends" line… You'll be amazed at how throwing out these "conversational breadcrumbs" will set a trail
that gets her engaged right back into the conversation…
A SUPER FUN opener that helps build "social momentum" that will carry you through the rest of the night (this is
the easiest way to consistently get "in the zone" ensuring that you always project the excitement and enthusiasm
that attracts the most beautiful women)
A fantastic way to "check in" on a woman and see if she is interested in you- or if you're wasting your time in the
conversation that works EVERY TIME
What to do in a loud nightclub when you can barely hear what a woman is saying… most guys give away all of
their power simply because they don't know how to handle this situation… here is a trick that will eliminate this
awkwardness forever…
A "secret" mindset technique (I learned from the guys at Google) that will prevent you from going into "salesman
mode" and overselling yourself right out the door… woman can tell when a man is coming off as try-hard… and this
strategy will STOP your desperation dead in its tracks…
How to use "mess ups" as an opportunity to show massive "social intuition" that will actually make her grow
more attracted to you (you will actually begin to look forward to messing up)
What to do when a woman starts giving you "shit tests"… to avoid suffering the same fate as the other "clueless"
chumps in the bar… this one technique makes her stop instantly … and instead focus her energy on impressing you
A technique for quickly displaying your identity in a way that allows you escalate with a woman quicker than you
ever thought possible… (Once you hear this you'll know exactly what I mean)
The 5 conversation topics melt a woman's defenses and let her drop her guard long enough that you can take the
conversation to a deeper level (she won't even realize what just happened)
A phrase that "bonds" you to a woman and will make her "like" you almost instantly. It is a psychological trick
that HUMANS are powerless against…she won't be able to explain it… but she'll feel a connection with you…
How to accelerate at super fast speeds. This is where we get into some really advanced (yet shockingly easy
techniques for rapid sexual escalation.) If you ever wondered how some guys just seem to easily pull girls for same
night lays… here's how!
The best women to "practice" on. And EXACTLY how to practice in a way that lets you test reactions and build a
giant repertoire of conversation Jiu-Jitsu…
How to quickly get girls comfortable talking about sex in a way that makes it easy to transition the conversation
to a more intimate level… (This works especially well if she is a "good girl"…)
Even if you're naturally "passive" or "shy" I'll show you how you can present yourself as the most dominant and
powerful guy in the group (As a shy guy myself this was music to my ears)
How to deal with a guy who is overshadowing you in way that makes you look like the more important person
while allowing him to save face and avoid confrontations…
Exactly what to do if you're the "weakest" talker in the group… that will ensure that you're able to compete and
even win out over the more assertive and aggressive guys… in the eyes of every woman watching….
Ways to steer conversation away from things you don't want to talk about like when she starts asking you about
your work, something stupid you did, if you live with you parents… etc.
How to react when a woman takes a subtle jab at you or makes an insult… this is one of those win or lose
moments that could make or break the pickup…
NEWS FLASH: There are lots of women out in bars and clubs already cycling in the "seduction phase" These
women are looking for short-term encounters. You'll learn how to adjust your game to be the "bad boy" women
are secretly looking for when they feel these urges. You'll also learn several ways to create these urges in women.
The one conversation topic that ALWAYS gets a good reaction and will make the woman feel an almost
instantaneous rapport with you. Even if you just casually drop this simple phrase into the conversation… you will
see her entire mood transform before your eyes… (Warning: This does not work on Foreign girls)
"If You're Not Taking Advantage of These Tips and Tactics You're Letting Women Slip By That You Should Have
Had… It's As Simple As That"
As you can see… my guests and I left no stone unturned.
But don't get me wrong… this program is NOT for everybody…
How can you know if this program is for you?
If you have the type of women that are “your type” chasing you around and becoming addicted to you,
you might not need it.
If you don't have any anxiety, lack of self-esteem, or fear of women… and you never hit a dry spell, it
might not be for you.
If you don't have any problems when you are “in the moment”… and you always do the right thing when
it counts (especially with the women you are REALLY interested in), you probably don't need it.
On the other hand, there are certain “chronic” problems men have that don't EVER “just go away”…
Read through the list below… and if you find that you have experienced ANY ONE of these problems, I
highly recommend you grab this program now.
However… if while reading through this list you realize that you have experienced more than one of
these “chronic diseases” that are almost impossible to shake… you NEED to get this program
If you feel like you know exactly what to do… but in the moment you can just NEVER seem to say the right thing
If you feel that if you run out of “lines” and “techniques” you'll have no way to attract a woman…
If your mind has a habit of going blank whenever you're around a beautiful women and your conversations keep
stalling out before you have a chance to create any sort of attraction…
If you want to turn your “hit and miss” success with women into massive, CONSISTENT success.
If you've tried Cocky and Funny, and you could FEEL that it worked for a minute… but didn't know where
to go from there… and you choked from fear or nervousness.
If you find yourself continually talking to women… but have no clue how to build and amp up sexual tension or
convey a sexual interest…
If you find yourself constantly getting overshadowed by guys with more dominant, interesting personalities…
If you've ever been able to create an initial attraction with an opener… but then screw it up because you can't
smoothly transition the conversation and keep it flowing with fun, witty banter…
If you can't think spontaneously and talk off the cuff in a fun, playful way… and instead get awkward and stiff
when you're around a woman you're interested in…
I don't need to tell you whether or not you need the information that is in this program. If you need it, you already
know it. There is a very good chance that this program contains THE KEY you need to have the success with women
you want. And I want you to have it...
Why this program is different from everything else out there
Before you decide whether or not this program is for you... I want to tell you why it's DIFFERENT from everything
else that's ever been created on this topic.
Reason #1: It's the first time that a program has ever been created SPECIFICALLY to help men improve their
conversation skills for dating success.
Sure, there is a ton of "dating" "relationship" and "pickup" courses available… but none of them have been
designed with the single purpose of helping a man like you to take your conversation skills to the next level.
And let's face it… it all revolves around your ability to engage a woman in conversation.
You'll hear 5 of the BEST PICKUP ARTISTS in the world spend hours talking about how they keep a conversation
interesting, tricks for never running out of things to say, how to be funny, how they express sexual interest, and
how to smoothly transition from the open to close.
As someone who struggled with conversation skills for years, I drilled these guys for their best tips and tricks that
you can go out and use tonight to improve your conversations with women.
And I personally take the time on this program to detail the exact "practice routine" I used to finally kick this
problem to the curb.
I personally guarantee that you will not find anything else available that is even CLOSE to this program. In a few
minutes I'm going to back up this guarantee and make you an offer you'd be crazy to refuse.
Reason #2: This program is not filled with "fluff" "theory" or "science" as it only contains tactics, mindsets,
techniques, and examples that you can use tonight
Most courses you buy spend hours talking about the "science" of attraction and present a million theories about
why women act the way they do.
This program assumes you have a basic understanding of attraction and instead focuses entirely on how to weave
attraction building techniques into every one of your conversations.
This entire program is designed with one outcome in mind: To help you fix your conversations so that you can go
out and hold interesting, playful, and sexually charged conversation TONIGHT.
When you go through this program and APPLY the tools we are going to teach you, I can assure you that you're
going to have more success with your conversations… which means more dates, more kisses, more sex, and an all
around more exciting life.
We are six men who have tackled this issue in our own lives… and now we are going to show you EXACTLY how to
solve this problem in your life.
Reason #3: This program does not "force feed" you one point of view or style… but instead presents unique
personalities explaining their exact methods for creating compelling conversations…
One of the things that always sucks about learning conversation skills from a guru is that if you don't match his
personality type or communication style… you're screwed.
For example, there are certain "gurus" who communicate in a gay, high energy sort of way… and I could never
relate or duplicate their method. Other "gurus" are way too sarcastic for my taste and I could never imagine
myself using their techniques…
This program brings in three unique personalities so that you are not forced to match yourself up with one guru's
way of communicating. Whether you're naturally shy, energetic, laid back, cocky, quiet, geeky, rebellious… you're
sure to find that at least one of the guests speaks directly to your personal style of communicating.
Reason #4: This program provides you with specific ways to practice everything you'll learn
Unlike many programs that simply hand you over knowledge and expect that you'll know how to go out and use
the knowledge… I understand that IMPLEMENTATION is the most important part.
This program spends time teaching you exactly how implement these strategies and techniques into your daily life.
I know that it used to frustrate the hell out of me when I would spend all this time learning something, but then I
would get in front of a woman… and forget everything. This is a common problem men face that directly relates to
the way they practice.
I've formulated an entire practice regimen based on scientific studies that show how to practice something in a
way that it quickly becomes a habit… because once something is a habit you will naturally talk this way rather than
continually having to remember to use this material…
Because of this, I can show YOU how to master these new skills in the fastest amount of time humanly possible.
I actually think you'll be amazed at just how easy it is, once you know what you're doing, I'm really excited to share
this stuff with you… because I know its going to change your life…
Reason #5: This program is affordable
How much would you be willing to pay to ALWAYS KNOW WHAT TO SAY?
It's a pretty priceless skill. In fact, I consider "conversation skills" the HIGHEST LEVERAGE skill you can learn.
Your ability to "talk" will get you more girls, make you more friends, and lead you further in life then you could
possibly imagine.
In the past this kind of training routinely cost $500 . To get everything you're getting here, plus getting access to
the minds of some of the top pickup artists in the world (And I've got them to reveal "conversation tricks" they've
never publicly admitted before)
To pickup the brains of any of these guys would cost in the range of $197 an HOUR.
But here's the deal...
I struggled with this problem for a long time. And I can honestly tell you that until you fix this it isn't worth
learning anything else. YES. It's that important.
So, you can either go out and blow $50, $75, even $100 on dates that go nowhere, bars and clubs that obviously
aren't getting you anywhere... or another "toy" to keep your mind off the fact that you're not happy with your sex
Or you can decide to change that all right now... for less than the cost of a round of drinks in a bar.
Yes, for a limited time, I'm offering this entire course for just $27.
As you know by now… $27 is ridiculously cheap for everything you’re getting. Most “gurus” are charging $97…
and they’re not giving you even half the value you’re getting here.
I've priced this low because I know how important this is to fix and I want to make sure no one can make any
excuse not take advantage of this offer right now.
Big Bonus #1: You'll Get a Free Copy of My Brand New Video Program Conversation Steroids Just for Trying This
Value: $47
I just finished these brand new videos that will put your conversation on steroids.
This two hour video program nails down a collection of tools you can use to make sure you never stall out, never
hit a plateau, and never lose her interest before you have time to build attraction.
In these three videos you'll learn three of the most powerful tools for leading the conversation forward, forcing
engagement, and opening doors that allow flirtation and attraction to take place.
Just a few of the things you learn in these three videos:
· How to 'sneakily' get a woman to ask you about things you want to talk about… Once you learn this technique
you'll be able to completely control the direction and flow of the conversation… keeping her engaged as you plow
forwards towards the close…
· How to use the power of the Zeigarnik Effect to capture her attention and have her interested locked on you…
You can use this have her captivated for hours… or to create massive sexual tension… This is the quickest way to
reel a woman back in if she loses interest
· A Tool for getting a woman to open up to you and reveal things about herself she would never dream of telling
a guy she just met… And the best part of it you won't even have to ask… This will make her feel like she's known for
your years… and helps make sure she'll want to see you again
· 12 conversation topics that make it easy to create attraction. You never have to worry about not knowing
what to say. And you’ll be much more confident to start conversations with girls.
· What topics make it easy to start “touching” and produce an undercurrent of sexuality. It will send the ‘I want
to fuck this guy’ message into her brain.
The best topic for transition to sex. The amount of same night lays you have will go through the roof.
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You'll get 20 cards that cover everything you need to know to turn a flirtatious encounter into a seduction.
You'll get word for word banter lines you can use to instantly spark attraction. You'll get a wide variety of
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In these 20 "Conversation Cheat Cards" you'll have access to:
The top conversation topics to introduce into the conversation
Specific lines that spark attraction
Quick "tips" to make sure your conversations stay on track
"Frame control" techniques
A list of signs to look for to know if she's interested
A list of things to tease or flirt with her about.
Before you go out, glance through the cards so that you have a quick reference guide to keep in mind when you
approach a woman.
Or even better, carry a few of them in your back pocket so that you can sneak a peak in the bathroom, and always
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It took me years of learning, testing, and hard work to REALLY get my Conversation issues handled. I read every
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Conversation Escalation Module 1
This is an introduction to the "key" concepts of becoming a better conversationalist. In this module learn the
basics of keeping a conversation going, and introducing new threads, and transitioning into different topics. And
shows how a few simple statements can quickly let a girl know you "get it".
Conversation Escalation Module 2
The second module is called "Playful Conversations" and this is full of tips and tactics for taking a conversation to
that fun, playful level that holds a woman's interest. You'll learn dozens of techniques for becoming a more fun
guy, who avoids interview mode, and easily "takes her back to the playground." This step will get the woman's
attention glued on you.
Conversation Escalation Module 3
This module is called "Flirtatious Conversations" and here you're going to learn how to move it from the playful
level, to a level where some serious back and forth flirting is going on. Because although you need the "fun" to
spark her interest... If you don't move towards a more flirtatious level quickly you are going to find it hard to go for
the kiss or get her back to your place.
Watch the Video Here
Conversation Escalation Module 4
This module is called the "Banter Workshop" because here you are going to learn exactly how to banter with a
woman in a way that elicits attraction quickly. This skill allows you to quickly get to a flirtatious level, while
building sexual tension at the same time. Banter is an awesome skill to master. And here you'll learn exactly how.
Conversation Escalation Module 5
This is called the Rapport Building Blueprint. Now you're going to to be able to create an intense sense of rapport
and chemistry with a woman. This step makes sure that after you're first encounter she'll find herself thinking
about you, and anxiously waiting for your phone call.
Conversation Escalation Module 6
This module is called "Putting it all Together" and here you'll be shown how to structure an entire conversation in a
way that ropes her in, and smoothly moves her from initial approach, to turning her on, and getting her back to
your bedroom. World class dating coach Sinn joins me on this module to share some of his most coveted
conversation secrets.
Conversation Escalation Module 7
This module is all about the "Inner Game" of conversation. This module makes sure that you actually go out and
put into use all the secrets you learn. This will provide you with the sense of confidence to practice and get results.
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