Business Letter ( Complaint con.)
EX 1. You work for IT Services plc, King Street London W8 2MC. Excel Stationers
supply your company with stationery. They have sent you the invoice below. The
wrong totals have been given for three of the items, which of course results in an
incorrect final total.
Excel Stationers Ltd
28 Langley Estate
London WC3 7AL
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7192 9880
Fax: +44 (0)20 7192 9437
Invoice No. 3910
20 November 20 ________
IT Services plc
King Street
London W8 2MC
Total £
Writing pads each @
Packets window envelopes
each @
Boxes ‘Stylo’ Pens each @
Reams multi-purposes paper
each @
1. Find out the mistakes and work out the correct figures.
2. Write to Excel Stationers. Your contact is Mrs. B. Grevon, Accounts
- Say what the mistakes are and what the correct version should be.
- Tell her that you will settle the account when you receive a corrected
- Mention that this has happened several times before, and that you will
change your suppliers if it happens again.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EX2. 1. Use the a , or the, or leave the spaces blank in this letter of complaint
Gap-filling: Use the a , or the, or leave the spaces blank in this letter of complaint
1. Dear Mr Toda,
AWB 4156/82
We are writing to point out that (l) ___the____-above delivery, which arrived
yesterday, was (2) ___a__ week late. This is (3) __the__ second time we have had to write
to you on this subject, and we cannot allow (4) ___the____ situation to continue.
We have already explained that it is essential for (5) __x____ medical equipment
to arrive on (6) ___x___ due date as (7) ____x__ late delivery could create (8) ____a___
very serious problem.
Unless we have (9) __________________ absolute assurance that you can guarantee
(10) ____the_______ promptness of all future deliveries, we will have to look for another
supplier. We will want your confirmation before we place our next order.
Yours sincerely
Carlo Lotti
Head of Administration
2. Write the letter from Mr Hirio Toda, the Sales Manager of the above company to
Mr Lotti, politely explaining that the orders were sent to your factory address) not
your administrative address, as above, and explain what that means in terms of
delay. However, sympathize with Mr Lotti and suggest a solution to the problem.
Dear Mr Lotti
Thank you for your letter of 22 November concerning late delivery of the above
We understand how important prompt deliveries are to our customers. However, the two
orders you mentioned were sent to our factory rather than our administrative offices at
the above address.
We would like to take this opportunity of reminding you that to avoid delay in the future,
all orders should be sent to our office address.
I trust that this will clarify the situation, and look forward to continue good trading with
Yours sincerely,
Hirio Toda
Sales Manager
EX 3. Read this letter of complaint, and fill in the blanks
1. C.R. Mendez S.A.
A vda. del Ejercito 83 E-480 15 Bilbao
The Sales Manager Seymore Furniture Ltd. Tib Street
Berks SL6 60S
16 October 20Dear Mr Harrison
I am writing to _____________ (1) about a shipment of tubular steel garden furniture
we received yesterday against _____________ (2) No. G3190/1. The crates
were_______________(3) on the outside, and looked as if they had been roughly
_____________ (4). When we unpacked them, we found that some of the chair legs
were bent and rusty, and the fabric on the seating torn, or showing
________________(5) of wear.
Two further crates from the _____________ (6) have not arrived yet, so we have not
had the opportunity of inspecting ______________(7). I have told the shipping
company that we cannot accept this consignment from you, and they have contacted
your _____________ (8).
As we will be unable to retail this consignment in our stores (9), we are returning
the shipment to you ----------------(9) forward, and we shall expect a full
_____________ (10).
Yours sincerely.
2. Read the letter again and write a reply from Mr Harrison to Mr Mendez.
- Thank him for his letter, and apologize for the damage.
- Explain that the goods were not old stock, but the damage appears to have
happened while the goods were being transported.
- Assure him that you will deal with the transport company.
- Say that You will accept the goods carriage forward, and that you will send the
refund by banker's draft as soon as you receive them.
- Close the letter in an appropriate manner.
Dear Mr. Mendez,
Thank you for your letter of 15 October concerning the damage to a consignment of
garden furniture against invoice No. G3190/1. We can confirm that the goods were
checked before they left our warehouse, so it appears that the damage occurred
during shipment.
Please could you return the goods to us, carriage forward? We will send a refund by
banker’s draft as soon as we receive the goods.
In your letter, you mentioned two further crates. Could you please
2. Exam No.3:(Complaint)
1. Gap filling
Mr G Bean
Able Building Suppliers plc
66 North Way
Dear Mr Bean
Thank you for your letter of 11 November in which you (1) ______ a claim for short
delivery of 9,000 kg of white cement.
We wish to express our deep (2) _______ at this incident. We have checked (3)
______ our warehouse and discovered that part of your consignment was not (4)
______ in 5-ply paper bags as (5) ______ in the contract. This was due to the
negligence of our warehouse staff.
We are most concerned to maintain our long-(6) ______ trading relationship. We
therefore (7)______ a cheque for GB£230 (8) ______ full and final settlement of
your (9) ______
We trust that this unfortunate error will not adversely (10) ______ our future
Yours sincerely,
M Costantinides
Managing Director
2. Letter writing
Make a claim for short weight so that the above letter is a reply, using the following
- Begin with ‘Dear Sirs’
- Refer to the contract No. 546 covering the purchase of 200 metric tons of white
- You did telex on 7 November to inform about the consignment arrival on 20
- When you inspected the consignment, you found 180 bags had burst and the
contents, estimated at 9,000 kg, had been irretrievably lost.
- You had a survey carried out.
- The report shows that the loss was due to the substandard bags.
- As a result of the report, you lodge the claim:
Short delivered quantity
Survey charges
Total claimed
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