Meet Shelby the Shelf Marker!
“Hi! I’m Shelby the Shelf
Marker. Welcome to the
library media center!”
“There are a lot of books
in our library. Doesn’t it
look neat?”
“But think what would
happen if the books were
THROWN into a pile?”
“Or, what if the books
were STUFFED into the
“How would you find
“That’s where I come in.
It’s my job to help keep
the books in order. (I’m
VERY important, but I try
not to act like it!)
You may be asking, “Why do
the librarians keep the library
so NEAT? Why don’t they
just put the books
Librarians have to keep
the books in a special
order so you can find the
books you want when you
want them.
Start digging!
It would take a long time
to find a book if you have
to dig through a mess.
Found it!
But if the books are in
order, you can find the
book you want FAST!
You go, girl!
That’s why librarians work
so hard to get books in
order, and keep them that
way. They want you to
find that special book!
I’m going to miss recess!
“Who likes to dig through
a mess? Who has time?”
“That’s why I’m so
“I mark a book’s place on
the shelf while you look at
it. But let me start from
the beginning.”
“It takes time to find a
good book to read.”
Me first!
“When you find a book
that looks interesting, put
me on the shelf next to it.”
Don’t let me fall!
“Don’t pull out the book
until I’m safely on the
“Help! I’m falling!
“Once you know I’m in
place, then you can pull
out the book.”
This spot is saved!
“While you look at a book,
I’m saving your place on
the shelf.”
Home, sweet home!
“If you decide you don’t want the book, I remind
you where it belongs. I’m sitting in the book’s
special spot. I’m protecting its home until the
book is returned.”
Book first, me last!
“Once you decide you
don’t want the book, put it
back home BEFORE you
take me off the shelf. This
time, I’M LAST!”
“NEVER put a book back on the shelf without me
marking its home. Only librarians can do that. Are
you a librarian?”
Don’t leave me behind!
“If you decide to check out the
book, take me with you. I don’t
need to stay on the shelf if you
are going to check it out. Take
me with you to the computer
and check out.”
Keep me busy!
“Return me to my special
spot in the library so I can
help another friend.”
“Remember! Books like to
go home, just like you do.”
“Is there room on the
shelf for this book? Sure,
but this is not its home.
I’m not saving its place, so
don’t put your book here.”
Save Your Valuable Brain
“Let me do my job! Let
me remind you where the
book belongs so you don’t
have to remember. You
need to save your brain for
more important
Let’s pretend…
“What if your teacher puts
you on a bus this
afternoon and tells the
driver to drop you off at a
stranger’s house? Do you
want to go home to a
stranger’s house?”
“If you’re dropped off at a
stranger’s house and not
at home, your family will
worry and think you’re
“If a book is not returned
to its home, we think it’s
Boo-hoo! Where’s my book?
Ah! Home Sweet Home!
“Just like you, every book
has a home. Books belong
at home until someone
checks it out.”
“Speak up for books! Help
us keep them in order and
at home until they are
checked out. Please don’t
let the poor little books get
lost from their homes!”
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Rocky Ridge Elementary School
Hoover, Alabama
Karen King, Library Media Specialist
Special thanks to Microsoft for their excellent selection of PowerPoint designs. Librarians are welcome to link
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