The Design of High-rise Building Based on City Space Planning 2014

Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 584-586 (2014) pp 156-159
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The Design of High-rise Building Based on City Space Planning
FangFang Yang1, a
The Department of Architecture and Engineering Qinhuangdao College, Northeast Petroleum
University, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, 066004, China
[email protected]
Keywords: City Space, High Rise Building, Humanization
Abstract. With the accelerating pace of city construction, high-rise buildings are gradually in the
process of city development plays a more and more important role. In this paper, design of a high-rise
building are analyzed, and puts forward the high-rise building design should be based on city space
planning, as far as possible to reduce the interference to the city space environment. The design ideas
of coordination, integration, humanity are also proposed, so as to enhance the image of high-rise
buildings and the city's environmental quality.
From the image of the city planning point of view, high-rise building through the design height, shape,
color and other the city space re allocation, city space and the high-rise buildings with different
shapes, unified together. High-rise building facade is the inner city space, blending different high-rise
building and city space and the high-rise building between different [1].
Design if considering not the overall relationship, ignoring the continuous and uniform space
overall, even the building from the monomer aesthetic seems to rise above the common herd, but
taking into account the people in the space environment in the perception and its adverse impact on
the neighborhood environment, this kind of works is still not considered a success [2]. Therefore, to
achieve the overall "high-rise building design success", we must through the analysis and comparison
on angle, size and composition and other design factors, and the surrounding buildings, streets,
sidewalks, around the edge of the existing scale of land use and its neighborhood characteristics
consistent, so as to enrich the whole city content, increase the vitality of the city.
Design and Analysis of High-rise Building Based on Space City Planning
The Main Building Design. The top of the building general service on the skyline, lining in the sky is
the shape of the high-rise building "link in the infinite" point. The city building well-proportioned
interspersed towers, for the city to be the sky beautiful contour line sketches, is lively and vivid,
colorful and changeable. However, the city's skyline simply one-dimensional facade edge based
contour line, and the main building reflects the city in 3D space, and the characteristics of the whole
city style. Therefore the focus of the layout of city 3D space, should is to construct the choice of
architectural style and features of the city.
The Whole Building to Grasp the Scale. To the aesthetic effect creates pleasant, cheerful, must first
make architectural works of proportion between parts evenly balanced, which requires designers to
use the knowledge system of mathematics in proportion to adjust and optimize the key link. First of
all, should be the subject, the top, the skirt part proportion coordination, and included in the design of
architectural features decorative techniques to highlight vivid [3].
Secondly, should handle the hierarchical relationship building facade detail scale. Present
architectural level and vertical factors must be clear and reasonable, the more natural and comfortable
buildings, emphasis should be put on the broad shape design, and prominent, tall buildings should be
slim is the dominant factor. In the design, but also integrated into the two kinds of macro and micro
factors, make architectural works and a small, small.
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Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 584-586
Top Form Design. In the buildings of high-rise buildings, the top design unique can often make
architectural works and other buildings have obvious differences, and have an important effect on
protecting the environment and the characteristics of traditional street.
In recent years, in the pursuit of the so-called "personality", and "wealth" symbol design under the
influence of a large number of costly, but the lack of planning of the whole city space aesthetic
connotation building top caused extremely bad influence. The grotesque image caused only a topic,
but dismembered the integrity of the city, destroying the long history of city culture. In view of this,
designers should city residents of practical needs and building the environment and culture, to create
unique and not lose the city flavor top form of high rise building.
Processing Back Square. To ease the city streets of high-rise buildings to bring pressure on both
sides of the street, in a high-rise building in the design to the back, and the exit of the land on the
design of a square space. On the city space, receding square can often be shared space city, and
high-rise building itself, excellent back square design will become an important sign of architecture
and characteristics.
If the square design into the sinking of the leisure places, so that the image features of the more
prominent buildings, making it easier for people to leave the building impression; while in the
southern region of China of warm and humid climate, the designer may use its rich water resources
design fountain square, in conjunction with neon lights, music etc. next, the square has become a
famous summer resort and leisure.
Ecological Design of High-rise Building. In the green trend closer to the nature of the lead, city
building began to show the design ideas of ecology, especially with the large area of city green space
continuous reduction of the background, building exterior wall greening, roof greening has become in
the design of high-rise building new focus and bright spots, such as architectural design in users an
ecological leisure platform at the same time, also meet the city people's thirst of green, also makes the
city space is more rich and colorful.
The Design of High-Rise Buildings under City Space Reasonably
Rational Design of Square, the Reasonable Layout of City Space. High-rise building large size,
tend to give people a sense of oppression, so we can use the spare area to design a square, square can
be used to ease the construction of high-rise buildings and oppressive feeling, and some construction
master will use design pattern design of sinking, wide field to people and environment as the main
body, emphasize the harmony between people and nature, this design is not only beneficial to the city
residents' leisure entertainment, but also for the high-rise building image points, the high-rise
buildings can leave deep impression to the person.
The Main Design of High-Rise Buildings to Be Distinctive. City high-rise buildings is a typical
symbolic buildings, the design not only embodies the local economic development level, but also
highlights the local level of architectural design. Nowadays, the construction of high-rise buildings at
home and abroad will reflect the local characteristics, and even become the representative of local
main building, high-rise building is the tower, tower building characteristics and manifestations of the
overall layout of the high-rise building plays a decisive role in.
A Variety of Treatment Methods. The tower of high-rise building is very tiny, but the underlying
design can use various methods to deal with, so can the bottom overhead and entrance indented to
handle. In addition, the reasonable layout of city space needs will pitch City Road, square, the
building was taken into account, and these elements organically, make the city space has a space
model of open, this combination model not only provides a leisure place for leisure and entertainment
for the residents, but also greatly ease the traffic congestion the phenomenon of.
Establish the development concept of green building, green building is environmentally friendly,
no pollution, recycling, energy saving, we should implement the concept of includes the following
aspects: one is to emphasize the suit one's measures to local conditions, cannot imitate blindly,
different climate, geographical conditions, cultural tradition, make the design should also be different.
Architecture, Building Materials and Engineering Management IV
Two is the emphasis on people-oriented, overall architectural design, a separate technology cannot be
called for the implementation of green design, and green building plan will increase 5-10 times in the
input stage of the cost, but will give the user to bring energy-saving benefits of up to 30%. Therefore,
establishment of "green building" is the whole society, the national.
City planning and design of high-rise building
Reduce the Density of Tall Buildings. High rise building construction intensive for commercial
office, but on the city space caused great pressure, high-rise building tenants, not parking position to
meet the needs of tenants, commercial buildings will be invisible among the cause traffic jams, the
city pollution index increased. Therefore, in the design of high-rise buildings must be on the high-rise
building density limit, so as to avoid the high building is too concentrated.
High-rise buildings show the following trends: one is the layers increases, increase in height. Our
design has 80 stores high-rise buildings, some are in a leading position. Two is the development and
application of new materials, the application of new structure. High performance concrete materials in
the continuous development exert a great influence on the development of high-rise buildings. Three
is the plane layout and vertical shape more complex. Modern high-rise appear asymmetric and
irregular plane curve, shape, structure is the main analysis and calculation methods of creating
conditions for it, need to design more improve. The four is the development and application of energy
dissipation technology.
High-rise Buildings to Adapt to City Street Traffic. High-rise building located in the commercial
area, therefore, the traffic load is far more than other regions, so the distribution in the street on both
sides of the high-rise building must control the height of the floor, thereby reducing the traffic
Eco design requirements of high-rise buildings should be urgent attention, because these areas of
resource consumption and environmental pollution is relatively serious, a threat to the global natural
resources and ecosystems. The main content is: ecological design operating system in high-rise
building. Building heating energy effects of building plane and shape coefficient of demand, it is not
only a thermal performance parameters, which means that the average cost to reduce the shape
coefficient can reduce the comfortable space, in the form of common plane, circular plane can have
minimal peripheral area, followed by the square.
Each construction site has its particularity, therefore, the design of high-rise building without
exception with the base, the architectural form, vegetation and dead zone to maximize the
development potential of the remaining area base. We can use the plane form and external wall
construction planning in order to achieve more effective natural ventilation and cooling, in order to
reduce dependence on air conditioning system. Therefore, building the "ecological" has the meaning,
we should start from the city at the macro level, the building itself and operation system of middle
level, the construction of the indoor environment of micro level comprehensive consideration,
implementation architecture and modern city sustainable development in the future.
The high-rise Building Planning. Super high-rise buildings not only reflects the city's image, also
can improve the visibility of the city, but also the super high-rise buildings not economic place, so
construction to control their numbers, the planning and design of high-rise building construction
investment also should be scientific and reasonable.
The appearance of the recognition of high-rise buildings mainly displays in: the total floors, the
total height of high-rise buildings; high-rise building has been the appearance with colors; the design
of high-rise building roof characteristic; design unit channel of high-rise buildings should have very
strong identification. The internal structure of the high-rise building should be distinguished from
each other, these differences are mainly in: material order and the handrail to personality; the width of
the step to meet certain standards; the reasonable to install position meter and meter.
Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 584-586
The design of high-rise building is a comprehensive process analysis, design of high-rise building and
city space needs to consider coordination and city planning. The design of high-rise building needs to
adapt to the city space layout can be combined with the city space, with the development of science,
the fusion of high-rise building and city space is continuous improvement.
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Architecture, Building Materials and Engineering Management IV
The Design of High-Rise Building Based on City Space Planning
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