Parts of an ESSAY

Writing an ESSAY
All essays have 3 parts:
Introduction Paragraph
(In this order!)
Sentence 1
Topic Sentence/Hook (reveal
why you are writing)
Hook: Something catchy
that makes your audience pay
attention to your topic.
Introduction Paragraph Cont.
Sentences 2-4
Background: give any necessary
background information on your
topic. *Always assume your
reader knows nothing! 
Introduction Paragraph cont.
Sentence 5
(or the last sentence of Intro.)
Specific Statement
Thesis Sentence:
Tells the reader what the topic
of each BODY paragraph is
going to be about.
Introduction Re-cap
• 2. Background information on your topic
• 3. Thesis
Example Introduction
• What was the bloodiest battle fought directly
on U.S. soil? That was the battle of
Gettysburg. Many thousands died on that
Pennsylvania farmland, but more importantly
the dream of an independent Confederate
state died there, too! The Battle of
Gettysburg is rightly and universally called
the turning point of the American Civil War.
Understanding the battle of Gettysburg is
essential to the appreciation of American
Body Paragraph (s)
You will need 1 Body paragraph
for a 3 paragraph essay!
You will need 2 Body paragraphs
for a 4 paragraph essay!
You will need 3 Body
paragraphs for a 5 paragraph
Body Paragraphs cont.
Order of EACH body paragraph:
1. A topic Sentence
2. Textual Evidence, details
and explanations that
support the topic sentence
3. Concluding sentence (with
Conclusion Paragraph
(You MUST have the following in this
1. Transitions + reworded THESIS
(the same one from the
introduction paragraph) The 1st
sentence sets the mood to the
reader that the composition is
coming to an end.
Conclusion Paragraph cont.
2. Summarize your Body
Conclusion Paragraph cont.
3. Closing Statement/Final Thought
• Give one last final thought on
your topic. This is your LAST
impression on
the reader.
Conclusion Re-cap
• 1. Transition + Reworded Thesis
• 2. Summarize Body Paragraphs
• 3. Closing Statement
Things to remember for the
conclusion paragraph:
• DO NOT bring up a new topic!
• If you are writing to persuade…
the last sentence should be very
strong and convincing and a call
to action.
NEVER use slang
NEVER use 1st person (I, me, my, mine)
NEVER use the 2nd person (you, your)
NEVER use text-spelling or abbreviations
NEVER use the words
– Things
– A lot
– Stuff
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