Trebuchet research organizer

Trebuchet research Your goals in class today are to answer these research questions: ➢ How does a trebuchet function? ○ What content knowledge do we need in order to design and build a trebuchet? ○ How can we apply technology to automate a trebuchet? ➢ How has the use of the trebuchet evolved over time? In order to do so, you will research online in order to gather the information below. ➢ You should write on this organizer in pen or pencil while you are researching on your computer - DO NOT USE AN ELECTRONIC COPY. ➢ You can help each other, but you should have your OWN UNIQUE COPY of the handout. ○
Name Documenting sources As you research on your computer, it is important for you to keep track of your sources. Open a blank document and keep track of online sources as you go - just do a quick copy and paste of the link, and then make a note as to what section (I, II, or III) you used that source for. Proper MLA formatting is not required at this stage. Keep this document in your Engineering folder. I. Physics behind a trebuchet
Goal of a trebuchet Questions I have about a trebuchet (don’t research them yet - just organize them here) Sketch of a trebuchet BEFORE launch Sketch of a trebuchet DURING launch Sketch of a trebuchet AFTER launch Caption: Caption: Caption: In order to launch an object farther (horizontally), you would have to change... In order to launch an object higher (vertically), you would have to change...
As the object gets heavier, I would expect ...
What other variables could you change in order to alter the trajectory of the object? Perhaps go back to your questions at the beginning of this section and see which ones you can now answer. II. Applying technology to a trebuchet (In other words, building a trebuchet “robot”.) Launch a trebuchet “robot” remotely Outline the ​technology​ you would use to… (In other words, what s​ upplies​ do you think you need?) Outline the ​process ​you would use to… (In other words, ​how​ would you do it?) Identify p
​ ast experiences​ you have similar to… (In other words, ​have you ever done something like this before?​ Describe.) Is this something you want to learn how to do? Why or why not? Questions, comments, concerns? Suggestions? Steer the trebuchet “robot” to a remote location III. Evolution of the trebuchet
Name of trebuchet Engineer(s) Year built Use of trebuchet First trebuchet on record Trebuchet example in use today Other notable example #1 Other notable example #2 Other notable example #3 Summary
Close your computer. In ~50 words, summarize what you have learned about you have learned about trebuchets today. Geographic location 
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