Phoenicia 1200 BC–539 BC
Facts About PhoeniciaPhoenicia was on the western
part of the Fertile Crescent and
was on the coast of the
Mediterranean Sea. The
capital of Phoenicia was Byblos
from 1200 B.C –1000 B.C
and then Tyre from 1000 B.C539 B.C. The Phoenicians
were always traders and artisans
and eventually started trading
by ships across the
Mediterranean Sea
GeographyMap of Phoenicia
(Purple Area)
Phoenician Religion
• The religion the
Phoenicians believed in
was Canaanite religion.
Canaanite religion was
polytheistic meaning they
worshiped more than one
god. They believed in
the after life. Canaanite
religion was practiced
from the early Bronze
Age to the first
centuries of the
Common Era.
Chief god of Carthage
Storm god
Phoenician Government
• Phoenicians had their
civilization divided into
governments ran each
City-State. Some
times city/states
worked together some
times they did not. A
king ran each CityState.
Phoenician Military
• The Phoenicians were
generally a very peaceful
civilization. The first
Phoenician military was
created in 550 B.C
because the Greeks
were pushing the
Phoenicians back to the
western part of Sicily.
70 years of battles
followed. Then
Phoenicia returned to its
peaceful life style.
Phoenician Soldier
Phoenician Culture
• The Phoenicians
invented a version of a
phonetic alphabet in
the city of Byblos
around the 11th
century B.C. They
used the alphabet to
help them communicate
with their trading
Phoenician Alphabet
• The Phoenicians invented
a version of the alphabet
with no vowels. Then,
Greeks added the vowels
later. The Phoenicians
traded many things such as
gold, silver, tin, wood, glass,
slaves, purple dye, wine
and hunting dogs. They
were very good sailors,
making it easy for them to
trade because they could
cross the Mediterranean
Phoenician Quiz
1. The purple dye the Phoenicians traded came from what
kind of snail?
2. What year was the Phoenician military created?
3. What was the Phoenician’s religion?
4. Name three things the Phoenicians traded?
5. What body of water was Phoenicia located near?
6. What were the first and second capitals of Phoenicia?
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