Research and Analysis Writing Rubric Early High School

Research/Analysis Rubric Name:_____________________ Circle essay choice: IS1 IS2
7 - Appropriate tone is used throughout to show
awareness of audience and purpose. There is no
use of slang, contractions, or personal pronouns.
4 - Appropriate tone is generally used,
though there may be a lapse or two.
Effort is made to maintain formal tone.
10 - A clear, complete thesis statement exists stating
a relevant, arguable analytical point. If writing about
literature, the author’s name(s) and text(s) are
identified in the introduction.
7 - One element is missing.
1 - Overall, the tone of the piece is inappropriate.
There may have been personal references, the use
of conversational language, or slang and/or
4- Two or more elements are missing.
15 - Every point connects directly to the thesis.
Each point is clearly, thoroughly explained.
8 - All student ideas are supported with EXTENSIVE
textual evidence throughout the body of the writing.
10 - Each quote/paraphrase is properly cited with the
author’s last name and/or page
number/act.scene.line for drama (if available) in
parentheses AND matches a source in Works Cited.
10 - All cited quotes are smoothly, logically
embedded in the author’s sentences.
10 - There is an attempt at explaining the
thesis, but the explanation is unclear,
limited, or inaccurate in places.
4 - Textual evidence are not good choices
as support or too few to provide enough
7 - Quotes/paraphrasing is improperly
cited, though an effort is made to assign
credit to the author.
5 – The student ideas do not clearly support the
stated thesis, the student explanation is weak, or
the student’s analysis is a misread of the text.
1 - The explanation veers into summary of the text
(too much text) or it is missing textual evidence for
4 - Little to no evidence of avoiding plagiarism.
Quotes are uncited, perhaps even undocumented as
borrowed text at all.
7 - Quotes are embedded, but it may be
done awkwardly or redundantly.
4 - Quotes float alone entirely or function as their
own sentences.
7 - One element is missing.
4 - Two or more elements are missing.
7 - Only a few or non-distracting errors
4 - Multiple and/or distracting errors exist.
14 - An attempt at MLA formatting is
made, but several errors exist.
7 - A list of sources is provided but not in MLA
format, the format has multiple errors, or sources
are missing.
0 – no sources listed = plagiarism
Formal Tone
Works Cited
10 - A clear organizational strategy creates a logical
flow of ideas, including the following:
- engaging, strategic introduction
- specific and relevant transition words/phrases
between and within paragraphs
- strategic, relevant conclusion
10 - Standard American English conventions
reasonable for this level are followed throughout,
including MLA format.
20 - Works Cited for all sources used in text is
correct in format, spacing, and punctuation
according to current MLA guidelines; no evidence of
Extra Credit for STYLE: creative, original language; fluency (flow) of sentences, especially engaging but still formal tone, etc.
No credit = element entirely missing; writing is off topic, illegible, plagiarized, or not enough writing to assess
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