Jay and Pinckney Treaties

Background Info
▪ Great Britain and France were at war
▪ Both countries attempted to coax the U.S. to
side with them
▪ President Washington insisted the U.S. will
remain neutral (Proclamation of Neutrality)
Jay’s Treaty Background
▪ United States vs. Great Britain
▪ John Jay, the first Chief Justice in the U.S.
government was responsible for negotiating the treaty
▪ British were seizing American ships trading with
France and impressing the crew (forced into serving in
British Navy)
▪ British still occupied forts in Ohio Valley despite Treaty
of Paris of 1783
Pinckney’s Treaty
• United States vs. Spain
• Established intentions of friendship between
the two countries
• Thomas Pinckney was a U.S. diplomat
dispatched to Spain
Reasons for Jay’s Treaty
▪ Attempt to reduce border tensions between United
States and British Canada
▫ Hoped to persuade British to give up forts in the
Northwest frontier
▪ Stop British from seizing ships and impressing
Reasons for Pinckney’s
• Attempt to reduce border tensions between
United States and Spanish North America
• Eased the Spanish fear that the U.S. and
Britain would work together against Spain in
North America
Terms of Jay’s Treaty
▪ British agreed to leave the Ohio Valley by 1796
▪ Pay for all damages caused to U.S. ships that were
• Americans could freely travel the Mississippi River
• U.S. goods could be stored at the port of New
• Spain accepted the 31st parallel at the northern
boundary of Florida and the southern border of the
Effects of Jay’s Treaty
▪ Americans were angry and disliked the treaty
▪ Did nothing to stop British interference with
American trade
▪ No mention of repercussions for impressment of
American sailors
• Popular with the American people
• The United States benefitted from all of the
• Reduced the fear of European hostility which
allowed Americans to move further west
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