Past Perfect

Past Perfect
Form : S + had + past participle(V3) + obj.
Passive Form : obj + had been + past participle(v3)+ by …….
Example: 1. She had finished the job. (Active)
The job had been finished by her. (passive)
2. Roth had made a big mistake.(Active)
A big mistake had been made by Roth.( Passive)
Form: s + will + base form + obj.
Passive form: obj + will be + past participle + by……….
Examples: Boramey will hold a birthday party. (Active)
A birthday party will be held by Boramey.(passive)
Will the manager sign the contract tomorrow. (Active)
Will the contract be signed by the manager tomorrow.(Passive)
Future Perfect
• Form: S+ will have + past participle(V3) + obj.
• Passive form: obj + will have been + past participle(V3) + (By)……
Example: He will have read this book.(active voice)
This book will have been read by him. (passive voice)
By the time we arrive at the concert hall, they will have given out all
the free tickets.
By the time we arrive at the concert hall, all the free tickets will have
been given out.
Passive Voice of Modal Verb Phrases
• In a modal verb phrase, the passive is formed by adding be + the past participle
after the modal for the present tense and have been + the past participle after
the modal for the past tense.
Active form: S + modal + v + obj.
Passive form: obj + modal + be + past participle..
 Some modal verbs: may, might, can, must, should…..
Example: He can drive a car. ( Active )
A car can be driven by him. ( Passive )
He cannot drive a car.(Active )
A car cannot be driven by him.( Passive)
Can he drive a car? (Active)
Can a car be driven by him? (Passive)
Active Form: S + modal + have + past participle + obj.
Passive Form: obj + modal + have + been + past participle….
Example: I should have started a job.(Active)
A job should have been started by me.( Passive)
I should not have started a job. ( Active)
A job should not have been started by me. ( Passive)
Should I have started a job?( Active)
Should a job have been started by me?(Passive)
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