group 5[1]

An In-Depth Study Focusing on Psychological Effects of
School Stress Amongst Senior High Students
Group 5 (11-STEM Descartes)
Moso, Josephine
Baldove, Myka Maeh
Villacote, Perlie Ann
Reoma, Yolan
Catarig, Mark Raymond
Gallano, Renan Jesus
Psychology is a branch of science that studies of how we people thinks and those
psychological effects will purely be related to those kinds of mental disorder like depression,
anxiety and etc. It is such a broad topic to be tackled because it is like a big tree, too branchy.
And psychologically speaking, stress is the starting point of those mental disorders that may
end up to severe imbalances of a human aspect.
Stress? People may seem to use it just like an expression or a synonym for being
tired but it is not. Stress is a serious topic that anyone should know the basic symptoms from it
because it may lead to any psychological illness like a serious one. And that is the main point of
this study, to inform the people what are those psychological effects of stress- school stress to be
exact to those students who are or not capable of it. And because of the increasing rate of those
people committing suicides and the truth that most of them are students, this study aims that
those students whose suffering from school stress will be enlightened. Due to stress, the word
depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders are diverting each mind to a life-threatening
situation. This is the reality, students are more involve into this. Projects, exams, thesis, and
many more that must have to be done in a short period of time is the very main reasons why
they stressed out their selves plus the lack of having a time management. This is the start of
being stressed and those possible psychological effects may come next. Students are still weak
and prone for this so they must be aware.
As we will go on in this research, different psychological disorders caused by
school stress will be deepened that will help the students to be more knowledgeable in this
field. This is a very big help because schools will not always adjust for students just like for
instance, having a test in three subjects and a project to be passed tomorrow morning, school
will never adjust for this so you have to control yourself not to be stressed too much to prevent
depression or anxiety or etc. because this is life, you are student so be it. Every student could
really experience school stress but the more important is you have to stop there and never go
beyond to it.
School stress may not really define the broadness of stress as a whole but it could
also give massive effects to students that may perhaps turns into psychological matter. People
may think that it is just as simple case like a wound or scratch on the knee but it is not, this is
not just physical pain but also the mental and emotional aspects. And the real thing about this is
what are the possible psychological effects of school stress that will affects the individuality of
the students, how the whole thing could destroy the foundation of education and how school
stress will lead to any psychological matter. Here are some questions for the research:
What makes a student stressed?
What are those possible psychological effects of stress to students?
How did it affect their performance in school?
This study is very significant to students in a way of providing important
information to generate their minds in order to prevent deeper effects of being stressed usually
to school stresses. Like for instance, students will grasp the truth that being stressed may also
lead to any psychological disorders like depression or anxiety. And also they will use this
research as a precautionary measure to avoid further circumstances due to school stress. This
study will just purely give information of those possible psychological effects due to school
stress for the students to have a better outcome.
The study will delimited to all high school students in Hilongos National Vocational
School of Hilongos, Leyte particularly focuses to senior high students of the said school. The
study will also cover the different psychological effects due to school stress of the students and
how this will affect into them. And due to lack of mechanics or something like time, this study
will not be surveyed to all senior high students but only for those who were chosen non-
randomly. And because of the lack of coordination between the respondents, the study got only
160 respondents from the expected target which was 200 and also some of them didn’t take it
Is the state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your
our life.
Is anything that relates to our mind; relates on the way a person or
group thinks.
It is something that is done to prevent possible harm or trouble from
happening in the future.
It is a serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad,
hopeless, and unimportant and often is unable to live in a normal way.
It is a condition in which a person over think things and a feeling of
wanting to do something very much; fear or nervousness about what might
Bressert, S. (2016). The Impact of Stress. Psych Central. Retrieved on March 21, 2018, from Being stressed is not just all about
freaking out because of having piles of school works but it is about those pressures that have
worst impact into us not just physically but also in our mental state. And in this study the
different signs of stress was more focused and some of it was having a sleep disturbance like
insomnia and sleeping fitfully, clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth, experiencing
digestive upsets ,lump in your throat and difficulty in swallowing your food, showing agitated
behavior like twiddling your fingers and playing with your hair , also having an increased heart
rate, general restlessness, sense of muscle tension in your body, actual muscle twitching, noncardiac chest pains, dizziness, lightheartedness, hyperventilating, sweaty palms, nervousness,
stumbling over words, high blood pressure, lack of energy and over fatigue. The signs also of
cognitive stress are having mental slowness, having confusion most of the time, experiencing
general negative attitudes or thoughts, constant worry, your mind races at times, difficulty in
concentrating, being forgetfulness, difficulty thinking in a logical sequence, and the sense that
life is overwhelming like always stating that I can’t solve this. And because stress also could
affect our emotional state, some of its sign are being irritated, no sense of humor, frustration
and apathy. And because of those signs, it could affect our behaviors apparently and the signs
for this are having decreased contact with family and friends and decreased sex drive. Stress is
never good for our health because it may lead depressions or anxiety or any illnesses like
amnesia and multiple personality and obsessive- compulsive disorder or even phobias. So, it is
better if you don’t let yourself be too much stressed to avoid this.
Iliades, C. (2013). Stress May Trigger Mental Illness and Depression In Teens. Everyday
Health Retrieved from illness-and- depression-in-teens.aspx Severe depressions in teens are very common
nowadays. Adolescent brains are more sensitive to what we called stress hormone cortisol and
could feel its effects more quickly. The part of the brain that is responsible for shutting down
the stress response, called the prefrontal cortex, is less developed in adolescents, so stress may
also be experienced for longer periods. And in this study, it was said that the most common
types of mental illness in young adults that may be triggered by stress are schizophrenia,
bipolar disorder, severe depression, and substance abuse. And some of the causes are the
demands of school or work, bullying, obesity and also having negative thoughts and self-doubt.
Stress may lead to depression in teens that may results to more delicate mental illness mostly
for those individuals who are more vulnerable when it comes to this. The adolescent brain is
more sensitive to stress hormones and can suffer damage from stress that lasts into adulthood
and because it develops so rapidly as well as for good habits for coping with stress also can last
into adulthood.
from are more prone to
depression. Adolescence is always the time which physical, emotional, psychological and social
changes happen. Depression comes next to stress which caused by deep disappointment and
then everything will be at mess. Negative thoughts will be the reason of depression. Teens
always think that their life really never go to the way they wanted to be. Today, many factors
could affect all individuals to be stressed out that may lead to depression just like those
technologies, like for instance the media. And teens really need the adult's guidance to
understand more all those changes happening to them. Teens must also know how to recognize
the symptoms of being depressed and how to treat it in order to avoid life- threatening
situations like suicides. And for those people, never ignore the warning signs of depression.
5 Things you should know about Stress. National Institute of Mental Health [NIMH].
Retrieved from We all know that each of us feel the word stress. We can recover it
through the help of the 5 things. 1. Stress affects everyone - everyone feels stressed from time to
time. Some people cope up stress effectively or recover from stressful event more quickly than
others. 2. Not all stress is bad - stress can motivate people to prepare or perform, like they need
to take a test or interview for a new job. It can be a life - saving in some situations. 3. Long term stress can harm your health - health problem can occur if the stress response goes on too
long. Different people feel stress in different ways. For example, some people experience mainly
digestive symptoms, while others may have headaches, sleeplessness, anger or irritability. 4.
There are ways to manage stress - recognized the signs of your body, consult to the doctor if
immediately, you should exercise every day at least 30 minutes, set goals and priorities. 5. If
you are overwhelmed by stress, ask for help from the professional - you should seek right away
if you have suicidal thoughts.
Khan, M. J. (2013) Effect of Perceived Academic Stress on Students’ Performance. FWU
ERCIEVED%20ACADEMIC-1.pdf Stress arises when there are burden on the person. Stress is
considered to be a part of students life and can affect the impact of the students coping
strategies. Academic work is always accomplished with stressful activities. Students commonly
experience stress in taking an exam, class ranking competition and high academic. Most of the
college students experience strong relationship with stressful life events. The undergraduate
students stated that stress was the most common factor among all factors, which have a big
impact in their academic performance. Overall adjustment is not easy for students. And can
make the students more susceptible. Many of the studies have addressed this issue.
Hearon, B. V. (2015) Stress and Coping in High School Students in Accelerated
Academic Curricula: Developmental Trends and Relationships with Student Success. University
from Adolescence is
a turbulent stage of development characterized by a number of intrapersonal, cognitive,
physical and emotional. It is critical to understand the challenges face by the adolescents, as
stressful life experience. The environmental stressor is the other reason of the detrimental
outcomes, although coping strategies have been categorized. Environmental stressors students
most frequently encounter while enrolled in a given grade level. Moreover, the changes of
coping strategies, high - achieving students use to manage stressors related to their academic
performance. Coping strategies adopted by the youth may change throughout the adolescents.
Adolescents successfully cope the stress are meaningful implications to their adaptations.
Sarita, S. (2015) Academic Stress among Students: Role and Responsibilities of Parents.
shows how stresses are part of our daily existence that behind those achievements of every
student is a stress that they must conquer. Stresses are everywhere. It could be social, economic,
financial, family or academic stress is a psychological imbalance due to the demands that they
wanted to meet. Academic stress is one of the basic factors that could also effects the student
academic performance. This is the combination of academic stress that has a big possibility to be
a depression. Social support is the most considered way to cope up for this and also the fully
understanding of those people that surrounds them.
Nicholson, L. (2016) Stressed out: the psychological effects of tests on primary
school children. The Conversation retrieved from 58913 Pressure defines stress. It is
one of those factors why people stress their selves just to meet those expectations. And in this
study, those exams and activities could cause pressure to students that may lead to stress. And
also those pressures from there parents is the largest source why children feel stressed. Test
anxiety is the term used by education researcher to those pressures and stresses felt by the
students in every forthcoming exam. And those anxiety could results a negative thoughts like
not having a good job if you will failed for this which could make those students pressured and
will lead to poor performance because they will have a hardship in processing some ideas.
Comfort and guidance is the best way to prevent this and the understanding of the teachers to
the social, emotional, and mental health and development of the children.
this study, both merits and demerits of stress in private and public schools were studied and
how they differ when it comes to stress. Private school seems well equip and students there
could enjoy lots of advantages because they have the access to the most challenging academic
classes at reputable institutions. And because they have the access to those opportunities,
fortunate students are very fluky but still their luck are paralleled to misfortune because when
time happens, during their college days, surely they will be burn out and have difficulties in
their studies and they will experience some physical and psychological effects of stress. And as
of for stress, students always viewed it as a bad thing but not actually. Base on this study
students need a little stress because it will help them to do better and will also help them to give
their best shots in school, but when we talks about too much like too much stress, this is not
healthy to us anymore because it will surely results to anxiety or depression and worse it will
lead to heart problems, exacerbate respiratory and etc., because if our stress hormones will get
through to our immune system it would really affect our health. And students described those
school works, grades and college admissions constituted their greatest source of stress but not
totally because it was really the pressures they felt from their teachers, peers, and parents. And
on the other hand, students in public school are also prone to this. This stressor does not just
happen for those wealthy students but both upper and lower extremes of socioeconomic ladder.
But the difference between private and public school is the physical safety like gangs activity,
fights and etc. which usually found in public schools and this one is really a stressor but, in
terms of coping stress, hopefully they can figure out some healthy strategies like listening to
music and talking with friends though some cannot specially those students having an intense
chronic stress. Stress is part of our life cycle and being student all you have to do is to balance
your school life- having a little bit stress but still aiming for the best. And also always help in
building a school with good environment because it can also be your stress reliever.
Strauss, V. (2011) How much does stress affect learning? The Washington Post retrieved
affect learning/2011/06/08/AGJCtrNH_blog.html?utm_term=.d25a5edd3361In this study, they
come up into a thought of having a research, if the classrooms' environment could affect the
learning of a student due their basis that the adults' workplaces could affect the employee’s
well- being and stress levels. Stress in the classroom's environment could also affect the ability
of the students in many ways. First, its ability to interact, he or she will have difficulties in
building friendships, dealing with his or her co- classmates, difficulties in expressing feelings, in
showing sensitivity or internalizing problems. Then, difficulties in exhibiting his or her learning
problems like his or her flexibility, difficulties with attentiveness, take persistence and etc.
Lastly is about his or her difficulties of externalizing problems. And because of this, student's
academic performance will be at stake. If a certain classroom environment gives a negative
effects to students there will be no effective learning. A classroom having a negative condition
doesn't gives a good result to students just like having a lack of essential materials resources for
learning like textbooks, the students will have a loss of interest and sense of value and
importance. Stressed environment could make a student loss its interest of going to school and
in this study; they projected how income level could relate to the level of classroom stress. The
student who has lower socioeconomic status is more stressed because he or she has more
possibilities of encountering poorer classroom environment. However, the data states that their
results did not suggest that the stressful classroom conditions had any worse effect on the
mental health of low-income children compared to high-income children.
Essel, G. and Owusu, P. (2017). Causes of Students’ Stress, Its Effects on their
Academic Success, and Stress Management by Students. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences:
=1Stress is one of that affects the performance and what possible management techniques are
suitable especially on students. The word stress brings many thought which can increase the
rate of depression, anxiety, and other life threatening issues. As the introductory paragraph
states the example, the things which lead the student to be tensed up makes these stressors to
even greater level of stress. The research examines the impact of stress on students. It shows or
explains the different factors affecting students’ academic performance. The research is grouped
into four different factors. However, stress could be managed through stress management
courses and enumerate those stressors. The outcome of this research study provides the basis of
overcoming and ensuring academic success of students. The data that are used will be primary
which will base the study on journals, books, and related thesis as well as questionnaire’s that
were administered in a specific area.
Sharmila, S. (2015). Psychological Effects of Stress on College Students. Epratrust.
Retrieved from Stress refers to conflict
between our environmental and leading emotional and physical pressure. It takes students' to
be prone in failure. This study tackles on the pros and cons of stress on college students. There
are different causes of stress which are known to be stressors. Stress thus, brings a possession to
students to be threatened and triggered to fear and anxiety. The pros and cons could help
college students to learn on managing stress and making stress as a part of college life dealing
their minds to be strengthened. The study will be an issue to be discussed seriously and if not
tackled, there would have a severe change in the minds of the students to adverse effect on
society and education. The study focuses to the psychological stress on colleges. It also studies
the level of stress on students which affects their psychological thinking. The interventions of
these for students are needed and must be repeated but in much larger areas on universities and
college officials to manage stress factors for students. Lastly is an orientation to students so that
they can cope methods in measuring their level of stress and tension and manage it.
Whitman, N. (1985). Student Stress: Effects and Solutions. ERIC Digest. Retrieved from Every people experience stress but in
different intensity and situations. Stress is a situation that evokes negative thoughts and feelings
of a person. And in this study, they used one model called person- environmental model and
according to it, stressful events can be appraised by an individual as a challenge or a threat. If a
student treats the education as challenging then it will make a sense of competence and may
increase also the capacity of the student to learn but if he or she saw the education as a treat
then the result of it was the total opposite. Stress is necessary to challenge students to learn and
the key for the students to think about it in that way is to provide them the feeling of having the
control over their education, information about what to expect, and feedback regarding what
can be done to improve their performance because students who do not feel helpless will adopt
their own coping strategies.
New York University (2015). Study examines top high school students' stress and coping
mechanisms. Frontiers in Psychology. Retrieved from According in this study, the academic, athletic, and personal challenges
have been regarded as domains of good stress for high school, thus, many growing awareness of youth
experience with high levels of chronic stresses that may be a disadvantage in succeeding academically.
And the data stated that because of increasing chronic stresses to the students, they are concerned that
those students will be burn out even before reaching college. They conducted research in both private
and public school to come up better results. And the differences about the two are the family of
students in private schools pays substantial tuition, but still they suffer from chronic stresses also. Some
students are using drugs and marijuana or even drunk their selves just to be relaxed and forget those
certain stresses and even the female students are into it. Stress commonly lead to mental health
problems such as depression and anxiety and this research come up that schools would have the
opportunities to train and engage each family the ways to increase their capacities to serve as the
sources for children to know more knowledge about the effects of chronic stress to avoid lifethreatening situations.
Leonard, N., Gwadz, M., Ritchie, A., Linick, J., Cleland, C., Elliott,L., and Grethel,
M.(2015). A multi-method exploratory study of stress, coping, and substance use among high
from Adolescents are really prone to
different normative chronic stressors, including academic and social demands, the nonnormative major life events, such as parental divorce or the death of loved ones. Youths are
now more prioritized in terms of research about this stresses. They focused on the major events
of youths that could trigger them to be stressed. And for high school students this chronic stress
in high school appears to persist into the college years, and may contribute to academic
disengagement and mental health problems in the future. Private schools are known to be elite,
offers high- quality education and high- caliber teachers. And this study focuses on how private
schools cope up to chronic stresses and the substance used among high school students. The
pressure of the students in selecting a school for college or universities is one of the factors
identified that leads the chronic stress of youth to high rates. Chronic stress based on the data
has been cited as the new cultural currency in private schools as well as in public. And this
study used the Stress Process Model, a theorical framework that describes the process by which
exposure to stressors carries out of the context of individuals' everyday lives. In this model, the
social and personal medications and moderator serves as the protection of the increasing risk of
deleterious health outcomes of chronic stress.
Blair, B. (2008). Stress and the primary school child. Open Learn. Retrieved from There is lots of confusion about what stress is. Stress is now a scourge in modern life.
Stress is compared to anxiety if they are the same. It is stated that stress differs from anxiety.
Why? Stress is defined to an individual who is stocked up with so much works or given short
deadline work. However, anxiety is a frequent reaction to stress and even manifestation of
thoughts that leads to fear. We all normal human beings are stressed by threatening events like
wars and others. Adults can react badly to stress as well as babies or children. It is important to
understand this reaction. On the other hand, anxiety arises from thoughts about what might be,
not what is. The focus of this article is to cope with the stress of children’s and what effective
methods are essential in minimizing children's stresses. Children’s' most important people in
their life are their parents and also classmates, teachers, and friends. This means that their
parents are the central of their sense of well-being. The best way to prevent a child from getting
anxious is to approach their problems calmly and confidently. The thing that a child will be
strengthened is to make sure that they see you approach them and turn threats as a challenge so
that their minds will be motivated to overcome it. In conclusion, the study suggests making a
point of praising a child because it minimizes their anxiety and the child can decide how much
effort will be added in their works.
Pellissier, H.(2018). Stress and your child’s brain. Great Schools. Retrieved from Stress is indeed a
scourging problem in our society especially in students and even people with pile of works to
do. The article tackles on the scientific basis of what causes stress and what effects it carries to
our body and also our brain. It was said that when the hypothalamus releases hormone in the
stage of stress, it rushes the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland then mobilizes the production
of other hormones. The adrenaline then also accelerates the child's heart rate and elevates blood
pressure. It reflects on life-or-death emergency situations that long ago, the psychological
response to stress allowed us to escape pal Eolithic beasts making us to prevail against dangers
brought by the environment. Stress then is carrying a great impact on our psychological
thinking. In a 2006 study, the researchers at Arizona State University noted that stress weakens
the dendrites and decreases dendrites length and branch numbers. Dendrites provides the
pathway of which new learning takes place, and if the hippocampus is having some
malfunctions, it leads to learning impairment and leads to be prone on stress and psychological
problems. At this point, experts say that the best way to prevent and combat stress is exercise. It
is because during exercise neurons' creation is increased and is reliable in survival and
resistance to stress. Psychologists also agreed that maintaining physical activity helps to
promote stress-resistant and stress reliance.
Neighmond, P. (2013). School Stress Takes A Toll On Health, Teens And Parents Say.
health-teens- and-parents-
say It is been said that academic stress has been a part of students life on junior, senior and
college students. Some thinks that parents are the one that causes their stress. It is because by
their recommendations that a student must work harder because he/she is a smart one and in
college stage, they must have to work even harder. It is like they feel disappointment from their
parents. Parents are right to be worried about stress and their children's health. A psychologist
says that a little stress is a good thing but too much can backfire. This article also tackles on
numbers of parents and students experiencing stress. It was said that 40% of parents states that
their high school life has lots of stressors and home works was their leading cause of their
stress. Teenagers said that they were also suffering and parents can help put the child's distress
by knowing their problem and making it a topic and do something to overcome the problem.
Psychologist says that a balance life should be a goal of families so that parents can help their
problems dissolve and deciding what's important to do and what is optional. It is then
concluded in this article that time management is also a great way to reduce stress on students
and parents who experience the level of stress. The study is somewhat like a qualitative one
because its content is like collecting data’s or answers on teens and parents and having some
interventions on students.
Beilock, S.( 2011). Back to school: Dealing with academic stress. Psychological Science
stress.aspx Simple psychological interventions can help reduce and improve academic
performance. It is better to first understand why students sometimes performed their ability in a
weak process. The cause of stress in this study focuses or tackles on subjects which cause the
students to have academic stresses. It has been said that if the ability to maintain task-relevant is
disrupted, the performance may possibly weakened. The study is dealing with the low and high
working-memory individuals. The individuals that are having a low working-memory have
limited capacity leading to have the problem in computations to begin with. However, high
working-memory individuals are more prone to disruptions when the stakes are high. The
study then concludes that understanding the mechanisms by which academic situations impact
performance allows us to design quickly and with an ease to use interventions to help students
in the classroom. Recent works suggests that writing helps boost math performance especially
on those STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) students. Math anxiety is then
characterized by feelings of tension or fear about performing a task which is similar to other
stressful situations. High-math anxious individuals perform poorly in math due. Learning
habits to combat stress can bring benefits beyond the area or a campus. People think that large
problem also requires large solutions. The study states that the solution and the truth are with
simple psychological intervention can have powerful importance and use.
Emmanuel, A., Adom, A. E. and Solomon, F. K. (2014). PERCEIVED STRESS AND
REGION, GHANA. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 2(11) pp 88-101. Retrieved
perceivedstressandacademicperformance.pdf Stress has been found to be a major contributing
factor especially in academic performances in schools. This study finds out the relation between
the senior high students' stresses and academic performances. The academic performance of
Ghana becomes a great concern to stakeholders of education. The findings of the study provide
the essential information for students to cope effectively with stress and identifying their
strengths and weaknesses to achieve academic excellence. The research is a descriptive study
which organizes and summarizes data in order to communicate and provide important data’s.
The discussion of the research reveals that the females were moderately stressed compared to
males. The research concludes that male students performed better than female students. The
research was conducted among senior high students because of their perception in knowing the
various kinds of academic stresses. The researcher of the study provides the questionnaires as
their instrument of the study. The research also provides the insights for stakeholders in
education to provide the necessary structures to manage stress of students and improve
academic performances.
Chapter 3: Methodology
This is a survey research type particularly belong in qualitative research in
which its goal is to have an in depth study about the stresses of students. And this research will
take up one month or two in order to achieve its goal and to finish this study.
As this research go along its goal, Hilongos National Vocational School of
Hilongos, Leyte in Central Brgy., R.V. Fulache Street was chosen to be the school where this
research will be conducted particularly at senior high school of HNVS.
Choosing HNVS means that their students will be the prime respondents of this
survey research. And this study only focuses to their senior high school students who suffer
stress in any gender, age and nationality as long as they are students from HNVS in senior high
school. This research study has a maximum of 200 participants or respondents.
This research will choose the respondents non- randomly so basically its
sampling method is purposive under the category of non- random.
In gathering data or information from the respondents, this research study choose
to have a survey type in which a questionnaire is given to a senior high student with his or her
will to let their answers be generalized which is needed in the process.
In the process of analyzing the gathered data, this will be generalized by
interpreting it and using words for it to be categorized as a one data in order to pin out its
Chapter 4
Presentation, Analysis, Interpretation
In this chapter, the data gathered from the 160 respondents will be presented answering
the aim of this research study which is to know about the psychological effects of school stress
to senior high school students. Studying the data collected from the surveyed answers of the
senior high school students of HNVS, it will be analyzed and interpreted in order to be
RQ1. Knowing the causes of stress suffered by students
Figure1. Student’s Definition of Stress
A physical, emotional, social,
Caused by problems
Psychological disorder
Physically, emotionally, and
It affects everything
It is an act of being tired,
and mental tension
mentally imbalance
distracted, and burden to
school works
It shows that most of the students or 30% of the students say that stress is a kind of
psychological order that a person is suffering for while only 4% define stress as an affecter in
everyday life and the rest is shown in the table above.
According to the article entitled “5 Things We Should Know About Stress” stating an
information that stress could affects everything, just like in this research study, some students
define it also that way so looking closely at this similarities this could be interpreted that people
tend to think that stress is really an affecter of one’s everyday life. And also, another article
(Academic Stress) stated that stress is a psychological disorder or an imbalance of mental state
due to its trait of wanting to meet everyone’s demand which could fall to pressure. And this
research study could say that the way this students define stress mostly came from their logical
thinking and experiences rather than searching its meaning in the internet.
Figure2. Causes of the Stress of Students
Family Problems
School Works
In the pie graph above, it shows the different factors or top most causes of stress
that could affect a student and basically 86% of the respondents say that school works is the
major cause of stress because of the fact that they are still studying. And to generate the
responses of the 10% students, those causes under the category of ‘others’ also experienced
being stress due to peer pressure, love life, social life and also financially.
Causes of stress of a student is very important in having an in depth study in order for
a researcher to conclude a data and this causes plays an important role because it identifies
what kind of stress is a person suffering for. According to a research “Psychological Effects of
Stress on College Students” it was stated that stress refers to the conflicts between the
environment and leading emotional and physical pressure. Those causes of stress are called
stressors. So definitely as a students, they are more prone to stressors because of being
emotionally and mentally weak. Stressors of the students of course will always be connected in
their studies, family, friends and their chores in life.
Figure3. In Connections to School Works, Subjects that Pushes Students to Be Stressed Out
Basic Calculus
Practical Research
Gen. Biology
Contemporary Arts
Major Subjects
In particular to school works, most of the students or 24% concluded that practical
research is more stressful compared to other subjects their taking up as shown in the table
Subjects are the primary colors in learning because it gives us a definite learning in a
certain field. Every subject always demands skills and intelligence which may bring out a
student to be more pressured in school and lead to stresses. In a certain study because of school
works a student was suffering to a test anxiety and depressed in meeting the demands of each
subjects so basically this subjects also is a factor that have to be consider in the category of
‘school works’ that make a student stressed out.
RQ2. The possible psychological effects of school stress to senior high school students.
Figure1. The Possible Chances of School Stress Resulting to Psychological Effects
Does stress could result to a psychological disorder?
Mostly of the students say that stress could really result to a psychological disorder
which means that there is a high possibilities because the survey resulted to 80% while only
20% says that it didn’t result to a psychological order. However because of the said percent and
the frequency as shown in the table, it was analyze then that stress could result to a
psychological disorder.
In particular to this study, a research entitled “Stress May Triggered Mental Illnesses
and Depression In teens” was been conducted in which it concluded that stress could lead to
mental illnesses especially to depression. And this research study could be connected into it
because as we generalized each data from our respondents they also conclude that there is a
high chances that even teens’ stress still has the possibilities of resulting it to depression and
anxiety or worst into death. In that study they said that even stress could lead to amnesia,
bipolar disorder, severe depression and schizophrenia caused by the stress from bullying,
demands of school and work, self- doubt and etc.
Figure2. The Results of School Stress in terms of Emotional and Mental Aspects to Senior High
Panic Attack
Having nervous behavior
Over Reaction
Too much fear
Suicidal thoughts
Loss of interest
Low Mood
Pain without cause
As shown in the table above 77% claimed to have a low mood in school because of stress, 68%
of the student says that stress can affect them in a way that it can loss their interest in studying
or even listening to the discussion of the teachers and also in doing school activities, 49% for
those students experiencing nervous behavior in going to school and doing school activities,
31% for students who over react, 27% for experiencing too much fear, 24% whose having a
panic attack, 20% for those who suffer from pain without any clear cause and lastly 18% for
those students having suicidal thoughts.
According to a research study “Impacts of Stress”, stress may results to a certain imbalances
in all aspects like having a sleep disturbance, insomnia, digestive upset, lump in their throat or
having difficulty in swallowing foods, showing agitated behaviors, chest pain, hyperventilating,
over fatigue , mental slowness, difficulty in thinking logically, being irritated, frustrated, and no
sense of humor. And in accordance into it, this study only provides the most commonly effects
that a student could suffer from school stress but this effects also is the symptoms shown from
having a depression and anxiety if they experienced this all at one time.
RQ3. In this case, the effects of school stress to a student performance in school will be
Figure1. The Effects of School Stress to Senior High School Students in their Performances in School
Low Grades
Loss of interest in school/
Causes overthinking
Poor performances in school
Losing self- confidence
Always late
Being tired in doing school
59% of the students say that stress can affect their academic performance because they
become unfocused during class, 16% as a result of having low grades, 8% for having a poor
performance, 4% as a result of losing self-confidence, being tired in doing school activities and it
also causes over thinking. Lastly, it makes a student come to school late.
According to a research “High- Stress High School” , a student will view the stress in a
positive way if he or she will look the education as a challenge but if he or she will see it as a
threat then its outcome will be negative effects and worst if it can be controlled those effects will
lead to drop out. And in connection in our study research, those effects might be the outcome of
those students who did not totally viewing education as challenge but of course stress is stress
so it will always be part of daily life.
Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation
Our research study is all about “An In-depth Study Focusing on psychological effects of school
stress amongst senior high students”. Our study aimed to know the possible psychological
effects of school stress on senior high students and how it this caused in a student’s life
especially in in their performances in school. This research takes an in depth study using a
survey type in order to gathered data of the respondents and generalized it to get the main
purpose and essence of this research.
Stress seems so broad thus, this research study only focuses on school stresses which might
happen to be a depression, anxiety or even more severe psychological disorder. In this research,
it was answered specifically that school stress may really resulted in psychological disorder
talking about the causes of it and how it will affect a students’ performance.
This research study collected its data through surveying the 160 students in senior high school
at Hilongos National Vocational School Hilongos, Leyte, choosing them non- randomly and
analyzed it through interpreting and using categorized word for them to be generalized. And as
a result of the gathered data, we researcher answered the main objective of this study which is
to determine if school stress caused by school works could affect students’ performance and if it
will resulted to psychological disorder.
Psychologically speaking, some of the studies had also concluded that stresses were
really possible of resulting into a severe psychologically disorder. And this research study, had
conducted survey in order to conclude that school stress could result to psychological disorder
like depression and anxiety.
This research study concluded that school stress has the capability of resulting to a
psychological disorder/ imbalances. As the process of generalizing the gathered data
terminated, it concludes that if the school stress can't be controlled then it has its own level
before resulting to a severe psychological disorder. As this research study done a survey, it was
answered by the respondents and majority of the students concluded that it will really result to
a psychological disorder and also based on their answers they acknowledge themselves that
because of too much stress they tried committing suicides which is the basic symptoms of
experiencing depressions and also some of the respondents said they was having panic attack
and being anxious.
As this research study completed, we researchers recommend to the other researcher to study
this topic more deeply because it is very important and helpful to the readers. We expect this
study to be more precise and informative as it will be studied by the next researchers.
We recommend to the teachers to exert more efforts in teaching this kind of topic for the
students to be knowledgeable enough in this so they would be aware and could think for a
possible solution.
For the school, we recommend them to take some actions in terms of this topic and be more
active in order to help students prevented into this.
For the students they must be active in preventing this and they must have knowledge in taking
actions when they are still out or in the process of experiencing stress for them to avoid having
severe psychological disorders.
We recommend to the parents to let their children avoid into this necessarily and also they must
guide their children in any kind of circumstances.
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