Earths layers guided notes

Earth’s Layers Guided Notes
Earth’s approximate age is ___________________________________ years
When Earth was forming, what happened to the densest materials? ____________
Earth’s main layers are the ______________, the ______________, and the
To know what the interior of the Earth is made of, scientists study _______________
Made of…
How are Earth’s layers similar to an egg?
o Shell =
o White =
o Yolk =
Physical Structure of the Earth
o Crust –
o Lithosphere –
o Outer Core –
o Inner Core –
Tectonic Plates
o Earth’s crust is broken into about _______ different pieces.
o These “plates” move about on top of the ____________________.
Label the continental crust, oceanic crust, lithosphere, and asthenosphere
Comprehension Questions
1. TRUE OR FALSE: The densest layer of the Earth is the crust
2. Which is the thinnest layer of Earth? ________________
3. Which layer of the Earth has the hottest temperatures? ________________
4. Which layer is home to all life on Earth? ________________
5. Which type of crust is the thinnest? ________________
6. Parts of which two layers make up the lithosphere? ________________ &
7. The lithosphere, or plates, rests on the ________________.
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