Ikhwanul Muslimin

Methodology used by Ikhwanul Muslimin
Neatly organized with its members which is divided into certain stages.
All members will be test before promoted to higher position.
Each member makes a bai'ah or a solemn oath.
Required to record their daily activities including Quran recitation and their
presence at the congregational prayers.
• Learning The Qur'an, Hadith and Shari'ah are required of them. They are
taught to use various weapons and first aid.
• Forbade his members to become Ikhwanul Muslimin as place of conflict of
• He is did not tolerate this problem and he did not believe it direct opinion
and thoughts that this problem can be solved through discussions and
• The basic activity of Al Ikhwan is the matter of education and the opening
of schools.
• Repeatedly Al Ikhwan called on the Egyptian Government to care about the
teaching of religion.
• Teachers who are unethical, do not care about Islam and are dishonest in
their efforts to improve the country should be dismissed.
• To eliminate illiteracy, the Ikhwan established several schools free for
employees and villagers.
• During the day there is class memorizing Quran while at night there are
courses for youth who do not have the opportunity to study during the day.
Guidance class to help those who fail in the exam are also held in the
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