Vice Automotive Section

Vice Automotive Section
Global Hybrid Electric Car Challenge
The target for this competition is the efficiency. As, it is divided into 2 phases. 1st one
is 1 hours in closed loop with the electrical motor only and check which one go farther. 2nd
one is 3 hours in closed loop with both, electrical motor and petrol charger, and whose goes
farther. At the end they combine both races to check for the winners.
Specifications of the car
The official entries are single person, lightweight, aerodynamic, high efficiency,
electric-motor-driven vehicles with three wheels. Teams have prescribed choices of hybrid
configurations and must declare their choice prior to the competition. with an initial 1.0 kWhr of electrical energy and 3.6 Litters of fuel, the teams must travel the longest distance in the
fixed time. There are 2 types of generator onboard with 1 KW and off board with 2KW and
the team must choose which one they will use during the registration. There will be a kit with
all these components.
Here is the results for the last year and the universities that we can ask for some help
in first or get contacts with
EVER (Electric Vehicle Rally)
Electric Vehicle starts usually by the end of first semester and the real competition is
held in October.
The organizer for this competition is I-Hub
4 Levels:
1st The Academy: 1 Week sessions for every section to design the car
2nd The Design: Finish the car, as a design.
3rd Build and Development: Build the car completely
4th The competition.
Needs almost 10 members: 2 Chases, 2 Ergonomics, 2 electric drive, 2 body, and 2 in
the required field (suspension).
Formula Student
Rally Egypt
Required for team members.
It depends on every Competition and the team. So, you will be informed if there are
needed sessions before we need it with enough time.
It will need much time to bring great output. The members must prepare themselves
well before for the sessions and making many rehearsals to make sure the output will be
great. So, I prefer to start the sessions next year, so we will have all the summer holiday to
prepare well for it and a team already participated in the competition.
The Content:
Engine & Transmission: Engine, and the ways of the power transmission.
Suspension & Chassis: The suspension systems and the relation with the chassis.
Aerodynamics & Body: Design the body and the flow of air on it.
Ergonomics: make the interior of the car the best environment for the driver.
As our first project will be Ever Competition, so we will need almost 10 Members for
this competition. These members their exact work will start with Ever Academy, but their
will be tasks before the Academy for them to be evaluated and having some basic knowledge
about what they are going to do. Also, these tasks will be general, so they will figure out
which part they really what to work in. So, when the time of the competition, we will be
ready for it.
Members Recruitment:
This season I will need almost 10 members only.
The Criteria:
1. Passionate about automotive.
2. Commitment person.
3. Time Management.
4. Eager to learn.
5. Flexibility
6. Eager to help.
First Project:
Our first project and only project for the first season is Global Electrical Hybrid Car
Competition. Because currently there no enough time for more and we must focus on one
thing only to rock.
Future Projects:
When we sussed this year at GHCE competition, we will have qualified team to give
the workshops. In addition, this team next year will give sessions, and they will build another
team for GHCE competition and lead them.
And then we can start with another competition, Formula Student or EVER, and
build another team, as we did with GHCE, but maybe some of GHCE’s team will be in, so
we can start again and make great start. And for next year we will have 2 projects and
For the Fourth year, we can participate in Rally Competition, and those who
participate in it, most probably are not Students. And then we will keep improving the teams
to participate in these competitions and making the Academy long life.
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